Fully-Loaded iMac Pro Will Cost Over US $17,000


As last week’s WWDC, Apple unveiled its ultra high-end iMac Pro, calling it the “most powerful Mac ever made”, which is expected to start shipping in December at a starting price of US $4,999 (or CDN $6,735). However, should you choose to order a maxed-out iMac Pro, it is going to cost you well over US $17,000 (or CDN $22,550), as calculated by the folks over at ZDNet.

IMac Pro

The base iMac Pro, which is nothing short of a beast itself, sports an 8-Core Intel Xeon CPU, 32GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC RAM, AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU with 8GB of HBM2 RAM, and a 10 gigabit Ethernet port. But certain professional users who need all the power they can get, might not settle for the base model.

Here’s how the source did the math:

That $4,999 price is only for the base iMac Pro unit. Apple hasn’t said what a fully-equipped maxed-out machine would cost. Personally, I’m kind of curious (and a little scared). Aren’t you?

I set out to reasonably, accurately price out what we can expect Apple to charge for the highest power computer they’ve ever offered. I won’t keep you in suspense. A maxed-out iMac Pro will probably set you back about $17,324.

  • The base iMac Pro is $4,999
  • Going from 8 to 18 CPU cores will be $3,987
  • Going from 32GB to 128GB RAM will be $2,691
  • Going from 8GB to 16GB high-bandwidth video RAM will be $2,044
  • Going from 1TB flash storage to 4TB will be $3,603

Thoughts, anyone?


  • Mark Holoubek

    I remember playing with the BTO options on the old cheese grater Mac Pros. You could get well over $20,000 US on those. Of course, they had a LOT more expandability. This seems somewhat crazy, though SSDs can get pretty costly!

  • mcfilmmakers

    I do t know what prices are for thenother elements but the storage is over price by a factor of 2-3x for sure.

  • Joe

    The CPU and GPU upgrades seem like the only ones worth springing for, and even then I’d only upgrade if it was absolutely necessary.

    Apple loves to mark up their upgrades (especially the RAM, which no smart person should buy from Apple when you can buy the same RAM from a 3rd party for 1/2 the cost).

    If you need more storage than 1TB, well… that’s why the iMac Pro has 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports 🙂

  • “Honey, just going computer shopping, be back in a sec!”

    **takes out car loan**

  • Z S

    Remember the old Mac Pros? You could get upgrade those things up *way* higher than $17,000.

  • Olley

    I only want those black keyboard trackpad and mouse

  • FragilityG4

    This is nothing new. Many years ago I use to go on their site and configure G4’s until they were north of $25,000.

    No one should be shocked.

  • raslucas

    Got a good loan guy? I’m… I’m asking for a friend… 😉

  • PussyEater991

    Thats just plain old stupid to pay that much for a computer i don’t care what it comes with

  • Person McPersonson

    It depends on what you use your computer for. For a professional that needs fast compile times, renders, data processing, etc., it could pay for itself in a matter of months.

    But if you just use it to surf the web, look at photos, then yeah, not really worth it. An iPad is more suitable.