Best Buy: $50 iTunes Card for $39.99, iPads and Macs on Sale


Best Buy Future Shop has a sale this weekend on Apple products, similar to what what’s going on at Staples. For those waiting for iTunes gift cards, once again $50 denominations are on sale for $39.99. This credit can be used towards the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes and iBookstore. It should be the only way you should fund your account as you will always have 20% off your purchases!

Other parts of the sale include $20 off all iPads, and $50-100 off certain Macs and MacBooks. You can check out the latest flyer at your local Best Buy for the exact details. Let us know if you’re going shopping this weekend!

Thanks @meadorsmusings!


  • Bob

    By 10% you meant 20%, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jack

    Wallmart got 25$itune for 20$ from 29 aug to 6 sep

  • Doh, you are correct sir. Fixed ๐Ÿ˜›

  • That looks like the best buy flyer..didn’t see this in the futureshop flyer

  • Michael Bluth

    Do you guys even bother looking at the store name on the flyer? You always seem to get the store mixed up when you post these iTunes gift card deals.

  • We were tipped it was FS and Best Buy. The iTunes card is at BB, the Macs are on sale at FS. Corrected.

  • Joe

    You can have FS to do a price match with BB although right now FS is having a $5 off the $60 off on the multiple cards sale..they did have the $50 or $60 sales on any iTunes gift cards not long ago if IIRC.