Future Shop to Sell Pebble Steel Smartwatch When it Comes to Canada


Earlier this week Best Buy USA confirmed it would carry the new Pebble Steel smart watch this Sunday. But what about Canada, eh?

We reached out to both Future Shop and Best Buy’s PR teams for confirmation about if and when we’ll see the Pebble Steel up north. Both responded but only Future Shop confirmed they would be carrying the Pebble Steel:

We’ve looked into Pebble Steel coming to Canada, and we can confirm Future Shop will be carrying it when it becomes available north of the border.

There was no word on pricing or any specific timeline, but most likely it’ll be soon once Pebble can meet demand for their newest smart watch. Currently, Best Buy Canada sells the original Pebble watch in black for $149, which is the same as ordering from Pebble minus the wait. The Pebble Steel in Canada will again probably follow the same pricing format, matching the original prices from smart watch maker.

Of course, with rumours of Apple set to launch their ‘iWatch’ in October, you might want to hold off for now.


  • Rhodz

    Never buy a pebble again, mine just died last week, i send an email to pebble support since my pebble is still under warranty, i never received a reply until now.

  • That sucks…mine so far is holding up, although still dealing with connection bugs. Watch needs the iOS app opened daily for it to ‘connect’ which is a major pain.

  • Tim

    I had one when I had an iphone, ended up returning it three days later. Same connection issues Gary is talking about. I was always worried it had lost its connection so I just ended up checking my phone all the time anyway. Unless Pebble really starts to innovate they’re going to disappear once the Moto 360 and the iwatch come out. It’s really not that impressive.