Future Shop, Best Buy: Get $50 Gift Card/Credit If iPhone 5s Not in Stock


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Future Shop and Best Buy are offering up an incentive for customers to come order the iPhone 5s at their retail locations. Locations we contacted said existing and new iPhone 5s pre-orders will receive a $50 store gift card if their model of choice is not in stock.

So for example if you go into today and order the gold iPhone 5s but it isn’t available–you’ll receive a $50 store gift card once you receive your phone.

Best Buy locations we spoke with said they are applying that $50 towards the price of the phone, instead of a gift card. So technically this means your $229 16GB iPhone 5s could cost $179 on a two year term. Not a bad deal. Both stores can activate phones on Rogers, TELUS and Bell (and Fido, Koodo and Virgin), but will not offer the TELUS T-UP! program.

During last year’s iPhone 5 launch, Future Shop and Best Buy also had a similar policy. Overwhelming iPhone 5s demand and limited supply has caused worldwide shortages, with Apple saying the response has been “incredible”.

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  • abhatia

    any idea if the same policy applies for upgrades on rogers?

  • Candy Crush

    Too bad Apple is the only place you can get an unlocked iPhone….

  • clever27

    I was there this morning and this only applied if you took a minimum of an $85 plan with all the carriers. I asked about it because it was on an info sheet.

  • clever27

    I did an upgrade and kept my 6 gig Superplan from last year.

  • Can I use Fido Dollars towards a phone upgrade at Future Shop? I thought I remembered something about only being able to use Fido Dollars at a Fido Store.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    my sis in law just went through this actyally rye, fido dollars cant be used in a futureshop, only fido and apple stores

  • Torontoguy

    Does this apply to unlocked phone without a carrier plan?

  • Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for confirming.

  • chrisperro

    just got back from BB and is a 50$ deposit to reserve and when i renew my contract they give you that back and 50$ off the iPhone.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    futureshop doesnt sell unlocked

  • Magrat22

    So doesn’t that mean you just pay the same. If you have to pay $50 to reserve it and they give you $50 when you buy it then they are just repaying you for the deposit fee..right? I need more coffee my brain hurts 😛

  • “they give you that back and 50$ off the iPhone.”

    note the ‘and’ $50 off 🙂

  • Chris Hamann

    yes gary, correct

  • clever27

    Rogers charged me $489 for the phone then I have a $50 mail-in-rebate to apply (which I already did online) so the phone cost is $439 (plus extra taxes on the $50). That is not the same as the FS deal though. It leads you to believe that you get the gift card if you get a phone today and renew your contract – which I did. They gave us a sheet when we walked in which compared all the price plans for the carriers and they all were $85 plans – the FS Rep said the card only applied if you got one of these plans.

    Funny thing is the FS rep made me get a new sim card even though I already have one from my previous iPhone 5 that would work. Probably to do with their commission or something.

  • Magrat22

    Oooh right. See I knew I needed more coffee. Thanks Gary.

  • Daniel

    I just came from Best buy and they never mentioned to me about having to have a certain plan amount . So when I go back in to pick up the phone whenever they call, I won’t go down without a fight if they try to not give me the credit.

  • Brian

    Does anyone know if futureshop or bestbuy in Vancouver have any 32gb stock left?

  • They certainly can – I did it on my 5 upgrade this time last year.

  • Xelstyle

    Minimum $70 per month on a new plan to receive the subsidized amount of $229.

    Rogers will allow you to keep your existing plan as long as the voice/data combination is greater than $60 and not a BB plan. Same for Telus but at $70 and up. Bell will force you to switch no matter what to a current market plan.

  • Me too!

  • Zapperman

    Clever, do you mind sharing how much your plan is? I also want to keep my 6GB plan for $65. I might have to add $5 to get to the $70 minimum. However, I was told on the phone I would have to give up my plan and get one of the new ones! Not a chance

  • clever27

    No problem. I am with Rogers, have the 6 Gig Superplan $60 a month plus a $7 add on for caller id & voicemail (plus a $10 retention credit). My after tax bill is usually about $57.

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    they sure as hell can use fido dollars don’t let them tell you no any store that sells fido phones has access to your fido dollars balance and you can use that towards the price.

  • What store were you able to get them to use your Fido Dollars? Maybe I’ll try there.

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    all 7 that ive gotten phones from.

  • guest

    what if on family plan? same conditions apply?

  • Xelstyle

    Off the top of my head yes but you may need to confirm that just in case.

  • PhoneBuy

    Bestbuy Leaside said yesterday, $50 credit only available to Telus subscribers or Rogers as a bill credit

  • sky_n3t

    is the $7-$8 worth it for the call id and vm? I have the same plan as you but I didn’t purchase the call id and vm.

  • abhatia

    is this guarantee still valid? Does anyone know if I’d have better luck at an apple store or at a BB or FS?