Rogers Launches FXNOW Canada App on Apple TV


Rogers announced this morning FXNOW Canada is now available for Apple TV 4. The app provides new episodes, available the next day, after broadcasts on cable TV, as it delivers “a reliable HD stream.” The app requires users to authenticate their cable TV subscription, by logging into their local TV provider account.

Unnamed 4

“Following the success of the City Video app on Apple TV, we remain committed to offering our viewers even more choice by making our premium content available when and where Canadians are watching,” said Colette Watson, Senior Vice President, TV and Broadcast Operations, Rogers Media.

Users will be able to watch full episodes of FX/FXX dramas and comedies, favourites shows, remembers your viewing progress, plus utilizes iCloud to sync your shows and viewing progress across devices.

Rogers says you can start watching video “in two clicks or less of your Apple TV remote,” while their smart recommendation algorithm keeps refreshing programming.

Other Rogers Media apps available for Apple TV include City, Sportsnet, and The Shopping Channel app, ShopTSC.


  • Kirk

    Wonder Rogers will add their very own cable tv app like Bell Fibe. I mean all they gotta do is expand on the home edition app that’s already out for iPad/iPhone and make an Apple TV version or something

  • raslucas

    The success of City TV APP? I still can’t get that app to work without crashing on opening. I get past it by uninstalling it and then redownloading. Works for that one time, then it’s back to crashing.

    Maybe Rogers should fix that before releasing another app eh?

  • David

    Just downloaded the app, went to authorize it, and surprise, surprise – no Bell/Bell Aliant customers can access the service.