Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak Reveals Blatant iPhone 6 Copy [PICS]


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Discovered by Mobile Bulgaria, some newly leaked photos posted on xda-developers forum show a Samsung test device that is believed to be a Galaxy S6 (via The Verge). Not just that, the design of the alleged device shamelessly resembles that of the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, featuring the same rounded corners, speaker grill and headphone jack placement (see above).

“The phone doesn’t have a display that bleeds over the edge as Samsung teased in its ads, which could signify that this is an early prototype, or that Samsung is going to release two different variations of its flagship device”.

The source predicts that we might see two phones from Samsung at the Galaxy launch event next week, which isn’t strange as the company simply loves copying Apple’s strategy. The same prediction was made by Bloomberg earlier this month, when alleged renders of the Galaxy S6 resembling the iPhone 6 were leaked on the web for the first time. The publication also claimed that one of the two models will feature a display covering three sides of the device.

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Alas, Samsung’s yet another cheap shot at copying the iPhone’s design will become official on March 1st at the Galaxy S6 launch event during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


  • Sancheezy

    Since when did this site change it’s name to

    Samsung executive wage freezes have nothing to do with iPhone or Apple products.

  • Rio

    Samsung and Apple are very interconnected, Samsung news very much effects iPhone & Apple

  • ShaBi

    It’s more like the world vs Apple to Usman. All day, every day.

  • Sancheezy

    Samsung makes literally hundreds of products. A few less than desirable financial quarters doesn’t mean that Samsung Mobile division is in trouble. I’m an apple fan boy too but at the end of the day, its like comparing apples to Samsung oranges.

  • Sancheezy

    Every article he writes is basically how Samsung is inferior to Apple. Apples entire existence can be attributed to the iPod and subsequently the original iPhone. Samsung makes everything but the kitchen sink.

  • Given the huge legal battle between Apple and Samsung, another ‘copy’ by the latter could result in more lawsuits.

  • It shows Samsung is being affected by iOS devices sales. It’s smartphone lead is eroding.

  • Hoepfully there is something more creative than this on the table, if I wanted an iPhone 6 copy, I’d just go Apple!

  • ShaBi

    Correction: Every article he writes is basically how everything is inferior to Apple.

    Samsung does make a lot of things, but other than their TVs, their products really aren’t that great, and breaks down rather quickly. That, and a reputation of bad customer service is what’s bringing Samsung down in the long run.

  • Sancheezy

    That’s not the point of this site. The point of this site is to report on Apple products with a focus on the Canadian market. Instead it seems like these guys just troll the internet and copy and paste articles that include the words “Samsung” and “Apple”. Copy and pasting whole articles sometimes. Samsung’s smartphone lead eroding isn’t keeping their engineers from trying things and trying to innovate. Apple is reliant on Samsung because they provide lots of products that they make in house that powers your iPhones. No one gave Apple shit when they introduced the iPhone 6 with a 16GB model and made a leap to 64GB. Apple basically forced everyone who purchased an iPhone 6 to spend an extra $100 bucks more cuz no one in their right mind would spend so much on a 16GB iPhone.

  • Joe

    Mr. Cheezy makes some good points here. I do agree that the S6 looks like a blatant copy of iPhone 6, but the Samsung bashing on here sometimes makes us look no better the whiny Android fanboys who attack Apple every chance they get.

  • Get a life guys..seriously!

  • Sancheezy

    Was this copy and pasted from Mobile Syrup?

  • Joe

    Uhhh excuse me Mr. Usman, but I’m pretty sure the people who read your site have lives (also, it’s a pretty weak practice to go around insulting your readers). we read this website for 5 mins a day while we’re living said lives. You’re the one who writes all the crappiest articles on iphoneincanada. maybe you’re the one who needs a life… lol.

    Gary: I strongly suggest that you guys fire Usman. he’s by far the worst “writer” on your website.

  • Yep, as a matter of fact of was 🙂 Bravo!

  • And I’m insult proof?? I suggest you take some time outta thise 5 mins u spend here (you’re most welcome btw) and read the conversation in full to understand who’s been insulting whom.. and then come back with a not-so-crappy lecture that Gary might actually take some time out to read 🙂

  • Riddlemethis

    well, yes and no. the iphone 6 has a measly whimpering 1 GB of RAM. On the other hand, the Samsung has it’s bloatware and touchwiz which does slow down the device despite it rumoured to have 3 or more GB of RAM compared to 1 GB for the iPhone. besides, with Samsung you can get away with the low base model and use it’s SDcard slot to upgrade your memory, You can’t get that with an iPhone, no sir.

  • Riddlemethis

    it doesnt affect consumer opinion.

  • Riddlemethis

    yes, but they’re really like the mafia. samsung produces products for Apple, but what does Apple do for Samsung?

  • Riddlemethis

    that doesn’t really matter except to the apple fanboys or samsung fanboys. there will always be a second and first place smartphone manufacturer. besides, samsung just doesn’t make smartphones. they are very diverse company and even make televisions (what’s that?) and washing machines.

  • Tim

    I can’t stand samsung’s android mods, and normally I detest the build quality of their phones, but as a consumer I don’t give a crap if they steal good design or build quality. That’s best for me and for Apple to sort out. If Samsung can get around patent law (which actually sucks a lot these days) then so be it. It puts pressure on Apple to continue to innovate. The fanboy response is to ally with the company you pay a lot of money to and then still adopt THEIR problem.

    It’s not our issue as consumers if people rip off Apple. As consumers it gives us better purchasing options. We should all be happy if samsung phones have a little less suck because it’s going to make Apple product better.

    Stop rushing to denounce the same type of imitation we see in all types of product lines.

  • FragilityG4

    To me this way of business is an insult to the consumer. Almost as if they think customers are stupid and won’t notice the rip off especially when they spend billions of dollars producing ad campaigns denouncing the iPhone and then making a clone.

    Competition is great, this is just plain pathetic.

  • Lazy Ghost

    You’re right it is eroding. Anybody can predict the huge sakes apple wa going to have with its last release but it will slump like it always does. The problem is all these small companies that can deliver flagship specs at super low prices…then again chaining people to machines and use them as slaves is a great way to save wage costs. Voila $600 device can now sell at $300. Oh and any word on the lawsuit apple lost?

  • Until Apple starts making fridges, stoves, microwaves, tvs, bluray players, audio systems, etc, etc, Samsung has nothing to worry about. 😛

  • coldspring22 .

    Yes apple is world’s most valuable company which is dependent on single product – iphone for the massive profits (70%!!!). I don’t know of any other major company which is so dependent on a single product. Should iphone falter and lose popularity, apple will be in huge trouble.