Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: Drop Test and Water Test [VIDEOS]


Last month Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, their new flagship models to take on the iPhone 6s and upcoming ‘iPhone 7’. The company is currently doing some aggressive marketing on YouTube, handing out early units to various high profile channels, for various torture tests and giveaways.

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EverythingApplePro has released a couple videos showing the Galaxy S7 taking on the iPhone 6s Plus in a drop test and water test. The Galaxy S7 comes with IP68 water resistance and as you can expect, beats the iPhone 6s Plus in the water test, below:

But when it comes to the drop test, the Galaxy S7 and its glass front and back do not fare very well in drop tests versus the iPhone 6s Plus:



  • FragilityG4

    Both impressed me a lot. It’s amazing how durable phones are these days. I remember years ago if you dropped your phone it was done.

  • noodles

    Clearly you’ve never had a Nokia 6110 😀

  • Riddlemethis

    A solid (although bulky) case would do the trick to help with drop tests. But regardless, the shock of the fall could have a negative effect on the internal electronics of the device. That’s why I prefer a water resistant device over a shock proof one.