Gazelle Has Announced it Will Buy Used Apple Watches


According to a report by Fortune, Boston-based reseller Gazelle has announced that it will be buying used Apple Watches, whenever early adopters of the wearable are ready to sell them. The reseller has not specified any specific models, which suggests it will also be buying the 18-carat gold Edition with its hefty price tag. But as Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out, it remains to be seen how well any of these devices can maintain their value over time.


Of course when Apple announces the second-generation Watch, only then the first-generation buyers will know for sure whether the smartwatches they’re wearing need to be upgraded or not. However, Gazelle has offered a table for guidance (above), showing trade-in prices of the original iPad (16GB Wi-Fi-only) compared to how it was able to command one and two years after its release.

“As the numbers suggest,” writes Gazelle’s Kevin Walther, “the first generation iPad held its value remarkably well over the years, even after Apple announced subsequent versions. We expect a similarly strong market demand for second-hand Apple Watches. Bring on the trades and the sales.”

Will the Apple Watch be able to hold its value as well as the original iPad did?


  • Tim

    Unless they swap out the internals on the apple watch, I find it unlikely that they’ll retain much or their original value. The gold one might have some worth relative to whatever gold is going for at the time.

    Since new watches are likely to have sensors that can’t be easily integrated into the current design, Apple will need a generous trade in program that makes upgrading far cheaper than purchasing a new device if they hope to retain customers on this platform.

    I’m still avoiding the gen one device like the plague.