Geohot Set to Release limera1n to Jailbreak All Devices on iOS 4.1


The Chronic Dev Team is set to release an iOS 4.1 jailbreak on 10/10/10 as we previously reported. A couple days ago, the iPhone Dev Team released an update to redsn0w for Windows to jailbreak the iPhone 3G/iPod touch 2G. So far, some great news for the Jailbreak community right?

Well, things have taken a bit of a turn. Geohot has risen from the dead and is set to release a new universal iOS 4.1 jailbreak, called limera1n, and plans to release on 10/11/10. Now, here’s where it gets messy.

According to @p0sixninja, Geohot contacted Chronic Dev Team the day after they released their ETA to include his own exploit into greenpoison. So, from the sounds of it, Geohot wants in as well. Take a look at what @p0sixninja said on twitter:


The Chronic Dev Team is still on track to release on 10/10/10. It’ll be interesting if Geohot releases his own iOS 4.1 exploit the day afterwards. You would think these guys would wait till iOS 4.2 comes out in November before releasing their new tools, as the new firmware update will erase your jailbreak.

Here’s an image from Geohot’s site, limera1n:


Thanks to some great detective work by FSMdotcom, the source of reveals some hints as to Geohot’s objectives. He seems to be portraying himself as John Galt. From Wikipedia:

John Galt is a fictional character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957). Although he is absent from much of the text, he is the subject of the novel’s often repeated question “Who is John Galt?” and of the quest to discover the answer.

As the plot unfolds, Galt is acknowledged to be a creator and inventor who symbolizes the power of the individual capitalist. He serves as an idealistic counterpoint to the social and economic structure depicted in the novel. The depiction portrays a society based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces stifling mediocrity and egalitarianism, which the novel associates with socialistic idealism. In this popular mass ideology, the industrialists of America were a metaphorical Atlas of Greek mythology, holding up the sky, whom Galt convinces to “shrug,” by refusing to lend their productive genius to the regime any longer.


Whatever is the outcome of this “drama”, jailbreakers are going to be the lucky recipients of some amazing jailbreaks coming your way.

[limera1n, FSMdotcom]


  • I highly hope both bootrom exploits aren’t released. I never thought Geohot was so ignorant before.

  • Mojan1802-mail

    Wow! We went from no jailbreak to now having two to choose from. I guess you can say “When it ra1ns it poisons”.

  • Fcm420

    Here’s the key issue..
    Geohot says that he suspects Apple already knows about his exploit method..
    For this reason, they should only release the Geohot Exploit now…
    because its not yet patched but if apple already knows.. then get it out now.

    While chronic dev team’s exploit is still “hidden”, they should hold it back until a new hole is needed at later firmware.

    I know Chronic deserves the credit because they did an amazing thing… but for the better good of the “community” if you can call it that… this is what should be done.

  • Ryleylamarsh

    Geohot comes across as quite the little doosh.

  • Betta-dayz

    maybe geohot just saw that there were 3rd generation users in need

    I heard that one day a hacker would rise from the dead, and light our darkest hour…..ok lame transformers reference

  • Tminusg

    If the chronic dev team wasn’t so lame as to skip 3rd gen he wouldnt have to release it. Good work geohot. The chronic dev team made it obvious that all ios devices would be jailbroken, then when they have an eta they say sorry 3gs and 3rd gen ipods are out. Thats rediculous. Thanks geohot.

  • You disappear when things get hairy, then return at the point of greatness? Go crawl back under your bed geohot, others have stepped up and became men.

  • cheekydc

    so should i upgrade my iphone4 to 4.1 now, or just wait for the jailbreak(s) to be released? thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m going to add my .02. I WILL NOT be using Geohot’s exploit as I had nothing but continual crashes with his blackra1n jailbreak tool. Spirit was FAR MORE stable than his work ever panned out to be. I can’t say I’m surprised he all of a sudden “reappears” from skulking in the shadows. He’s like Kathy Griffin: a media whore and now he wants his 15. F*** Off Geohot and stay true to your word and go back to being anonymous because you were sick of the iPhone JB community and their incessant bitching and whining about the ongoing delays to the release dates of your and other hackers JB tools.

  • Anonymous

    You should have added these additional words to your last sentence: was so ignorant & arrogant before.

  • I think this is the best response to you.
    @cdevwill: No offense, but 3rd gen users are greedy if they are OK with potentially wasting another jb that would be used on new ipad / iphone / ipod

  • I would hold off until a stable jailbreak was released. You might be able to save your unlock if you do so

  • Chrome262

    what a douche, we would of had shattered and had jailbreak for ever. bastard.

  • Anonymous

    Pois0nous words! Never harass volunteers mate!

  • My words may be harsh, but you judge a man by how tall he stands when his world falls. geohot showed his position.