Get $30 Off iPod Touch When You Trade In Your Old MP3 Player At Future Shop Or Best Buy


Do you plan on getting an iPod touch for yourself or your loved this holiday season? Well, we’ve got a deal just for you. For the next week at any Future Shop or Best Buy outlet in Canada (via RedflagDeals), you’ll be able to get a $30 discount when you trade-in your old (even broken) mp3 player which is most likely lying neglected in your drawer, for a brand new latest model of Apple iPod touch. The offer can be availed either in store or online.

The trade in promotion happens every once and awhile but with the holidays quickly approaching, and Apple’s affinity for never putting things on sale, this makes it a good time to buy if you’re interested.

>> Get this deal <<

*Limit one trade for transaction. In-store only.

** The trade in promotion ends on November 24.


  • Anonymous

    Can we do the same old trick? Get-a-dollar-worth-mp3-player-and-get-it-traded-in ?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why not.

  • Kraken

    Doesn’t even have to be an MP3 player.  I brought in my old busted walkman from the 80’s, and they accepted it.

  • LOL, no way.

  • Sara Thomas

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  • Kyle

    Does this mean i could trade in an older ipod touch for this? lol

  • Yup. I heard stories at RFD of people buying cheap ass MP3 players from dollar stores and bringing them in!