Get Ready for Disqus Mobile to Make Site Comments Much Easier [PIC]


We know our commenting system based on Disqus is not exactly mobile friendly, but the company has announced that will soon change. In the next 24 hours, they will be enabling Disqus Mobile which will provide a much better and seamless commenting experience:

What does it mean for your site? Without having to do anything, your mobile discussion experience goes full screen. A fuller experience means more time spent in discussion and more engagement among readers—on your content and in your community.

Below is an image of Disqus Mobile and what it will look like on an iPhone:


Once these changes eventually rollout, we encourage you to get involved and share your voice as commenting will be much easier from your mobile device. Many of you have griped about the lackluster mobile experience when commenting from your iPhone, but that is about to change for the better. Stay tuned!


  • Chrome262

    Don’t see the need for it. I only comment on here lol.

  • FragilityG4

    It really is annoying … At least I can reply via email

  • Yeah I hear ya. But for those commenting from an iPhone for the first time it was a pain. This will be grrr for everyone.

  • Email replies are best. Like gold

  • xxxJDxxx

    You mean people didn’t like whole paragraphs of text indented down to single words down the right side of the screen? weird.

  • Arcsvibe

    The same here lol. It is such a pain to reply on the iPhone.

  • ch0rn

    The new mobile comments are terrible on some sites, but there is no toggle to turn them off. If you have a responsive website you don’t necessarily need to force users to an entirely separate page just to view/post comments. Why not just allow people to decide for themselves if they want this “feature” since so many websites are already designed for what previously existed ?

  • I don’t think the new mobile comments have been enabled here, but we’ll wait and see how they are. What other sites have them updated now?

  • Chrome262

    I comment on the phone as well, and its not that big of a deal where I find I have to download an app.

  • ch0rn

    Just saw it on this site a minute ago

  • ch0rn

    The new mobile commenting doesn’t make it easier, if anything it adds an extra step, you have to click a link and go to an external page to add your comment now. A page that has a 320×50 banner placement, seems like Disqus was brainstorming ways to put in more ads revenue if anything.

  • Okay I see what you mean. Jumps to another page to leave comments. We’ll see how it fares once it goes live here and gauge reader feedback.

    Our site is responsive but even then, the Disqus implementation is pretty horrible for users. Editing and leaving comments hasn’t been a seamless experience.

  • ch0rn

    Some people may love this, my biggest “beef” with it is that they don’t make it optional.

    Even in 2010 when they rolled out a mobile version of comments they allowed a toggle : example:

    Wouldn’t even be an issue if they just had a toggle switch for people who were unhappy with it, then everybody wins.

  • ch0rn

    I did send Disqus support a tweet and they removed it from that site, and explained they are going to be adding a toggle within the admin section for users who do not want the “new” look. I will say, Disqus is extremely responsive to user feedback, can’t believe how fast they respond and fix things.

    When I have used facebook comments in the past, you would have to wait months before a bug report was even acknowledged and then sometimes it would never be fixed. Disqus rocks.

  • Yep, the toggle is coming, but don’t let that deter you from trying it out every so often. Ideally we wouldn’t force it into a new window (it doesn’t work with some browsers, e.g. Windows Phone, Chrome on iOS), because we can’t ensure that every site it’s loaded on is responsive.

    That said, we’re looking into how we can detect it and change the behavior accordingly.

  • Hi Ryan. Can you help fast track the new comments for our site? We’re looking forward to trying it out! Thanks

  • ch0rn

    Well, I think the site itself also matters, on a site like this where people actually post thoughtful messages with lots of text, it makes more sense. On a site like the previous example (evilmilk) most of the comments are just a couple of words, the regular system works perfectly.

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  • Anuj Kumar


  • Anuj Kumar


  • It really is annoying