Get the Entire Beatles Boxset from Amazon for $129!


With today’s announcement of The Beatles in iTunes, history was made as this marks the first time that their songs and albums are available in digital format, legally.

The Beatles Box Set is available on iTunes for $149.99. However, it looks like has just undercut Apple and iTunes by offering 50% off The Beatles Stereo Box Set for $129.99 with free shipping! This is cheaper by $20–and you get physical CDs in a slick package.

This set includes 13 albums, digitally remastered in a collective box set, plus 3 extra discs plus a 40 minute DVD. Now this is what you call a great Christmas present. It would be better to buy this box set, then rip the CDs manually into iTunes yourself. Nicely played, Amazon.

Click here to visit Great deal if you can ship these to an Amerifriend!



  • Anonymous

    Haha nice move Amazon!

  • BadApple

    Great move Amazon…..All this over hype and what does Apple do, it over prices. Now, what they should have done is said every song is 59cents, and make a one day sale on box sets (with real sale prices)….That would created buzz.
    Apple missed the boat here. This is all about greed and money.
    First it’s the $1.29 song, next it will be the $1.50 song. They will price what they think people will pay…..people stop paying!

  • Dwing

    Shiping to Ontario, Canada from will add 7.98 shipping (for standard shipping) and 24.33 Import duty, which comes to 162.30. Ordering from iTunes in Canada will be 149.99 plus tax (Ontario HST will be 169.49. Much less savings then it originally looks like, but still a better deal.

  • Dwing

    Correction: I believe you don’t pay tax on top of the 149.99 price on iTunes Store, so you will be paying less if you order from iTunes. Am I missing anything?

  • Well, I guess when you order from Amazon you get the feeling of owning something physical. It seems like a pretty nice box set. Just rip them yourself into iTunes. That’s the benefit I see. Holding a CD album again! 😉

  • Zach

    Gay who gives a Sh*t about this…

  • Zach

    What worthless news from Apple..

  • gordunramsie

    You are clearly BLIND. Amazon is offering the ENTIRE Beatles collection and MORE in actual CDs in a packaged gift set. From Apple, you’re paying $20 more for friggin digital files. WAKE UP!

  • Happy

    As far as I’m concerned they’ve already missed the boat! They stalled so long releasing these in a convenient format (digital,) that I, like many others have already downloaded the full collection long ago. Too little too late; sometimes greed doesn’t pay…

  • Auto Strada

    just a note…

    if you’re a Beatles purist like myself, the ONLY way to listen to the original albums sans the last 3 is in mono because that’s how they were recoded.

    Too bad, apple doesn’t have the mono box set (which is white).

    for anyone thinking of buying some Beatles music for true fans this coming Christmas, I suggest getting the Mono set + Let It Be (remastered), Yellow Submarine (Remastered) and Abbey Road (Remastered) from Amazon because they’re ALL on sale right now.

    FYI: let it be, yellow sub and abbey road were recorded in stereo. the mono box set will be missing them.

  • Anonymous

    $220 on