Giving a Free iPhone 5s to a Stranger in Downtown Toronto [VIDEO]


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What would you do if someone came up to you and offered you a free iPhone 5s? You would think it’s some sort of sick and twisted joke, right? Well, for Canadian YouTube channel UnboxTherapy, they made someone’s day by giving an iPhone 5s to a complete stranger in downtown Toronto. Check out the stunned reaction of the lucky recipient below:

Now that’s what you call a free upgrade!




  • Nick

    His phone wasn’t that bad, I think they gave up a little early on finding someone with ‘the worst phone’ – it was still a smartphone. And also, with the money they spent on that (unless they got the phone for free) obviously there are more helpful things for humanity that could have been done…

  • Tim

    I think he’s going to sell it on craigslist and continue with his current phone

  • Chrome262

    ugg I was just there too. lol, but then again I have the 5 so they would of past me by

  • Thiago

    At least they are doing something. Its not the value, its the attitude… You can start giving out sandwiches to those who need too… Again its not about the value, its about the attitude!!!