• runner

    I thought this was a pretty cool idea until i saw it involves opening the phone and voiding the warranty. Not worth it.

  • KIII

    In other news man claims his iPhone caught on fire!

  • In his pants!

  • LOL

  • Crosseyedmofo


  • KIII


  • KIII

    Did ya think it was a stick on LED or something 😉

  • MistahTibbs

    That was cool.
    But…I dumped Apple for a Note 5 so moot.

  • I went from iPhone 6 to Note 5, then from Note 5 to iPhone 6s.
    I really liked the note, but for some strange reason the iPhone on everyday tasks such as texting, opening mail, sms, safari was always faster on iPhone. Also having both phones to play with at the same time, Androids keyboard, and all other 3rd party keyboard all seem to have a slight bit of lag which annoying me. You don’t notice it until you use an iPhone for a while, then it just kills you.

  • aOsTECH

    this is a poor method for removing the battery. it doesn’t always work perfect but there are two pull tabs at the bottom of the battery for the command tape holding it in. you’re meant to pull these tabs straight out and the battery will be completely loose.

  • When my Apple Care runs out on my phone about a year from now, I’m absolutely doing this. Really happy you shared this, Usman.