Gold iPhone 5s Torture Test vs .50 Caliber Rifle [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013 09 22 at 6 59 55 PM

We’ve seen the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint sensor go up against dirty fingers and the phone itself in drop tests. Now, YouTube channel RatedRR has put the gold iPhone 5s up against a .50 caliber rifle (they have previously also destroyed the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, etc.).

If you’re still waiting for your iPhone 5s or you love the one you have in your precious hands right now, this might be difficult to watch (although the slow motion is pretty interesting).


  • einsteinbqat

    When you have money to burn…

  • Chrome262

    Why don’t he give me the phone instead, ridiculous wast of money. and its a waste of a .50 cal round, they are like 5 bucks a piece, more for the rifle rounds.

  • sukisszoze

    Why don’t they just donate the money to a charity instead…

  • T33BS

    Hey look it’s time for iFanBoys to cry over another generation of “drop test, blend, shoot up gadget” videos!

    Ever buy those “damage” warranties? it costs a measly $50 to replace a damaged iPhone (on top of their $75-$100 initial up-front cost of warranty).

    32,000 views and the video was uploaded yesterday- He’s probably made the money back to pay for the iPhone(s) and Bullet(s). And his subscriber base most likely help fund a large majority of those fire arms as well.

  • FragilityG4

    If only fAndroids were so passionate over their precious S4 …. I actually like their videos and anyone who does drop tests despite it being a waste of a good phone.

  • WestCoastStar

    I suppose there are ways of making money by destroying precious goods.

  • Chrome262

    if nothing else it did show that it was pretty tough, The fact is most smartphones aren’t made of metal so they do poorly, you know the ones, with thin plastic bezels (thinner then previous models) and large screens that add more surface area to get impacted.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I was thinking the same thing. If you can afford to piss away $900.00 bucks then throw some my way.

  • Chrome262

    LOL well yeah throw it, Don’t think they should piss it your way lol. hell send me some .50 rounds as well lol