New Confirmation Apple Will Launch a Gold-Coloured iPhone 5S


More publications with sources close to Apple have confirmed the company will indeed release a gold-coloured iPhone. AllThingsD says a gold iPhone is coming:

Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Apple, after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone as well.

9to5Mac has also reported their sources say gold is coming to the iPhone as well:

According to a source who has used the device, the iPhone 5S will come in “gold” color option.


While many have called this new iPhone color “gold,” our source says that the color is more inline with the yellow fifth-generation iPod touch, but slightly lighter in texture. Some have called this “champagne” and that sounds about right. We’ve also heard that this gold model has a white front-face, so it won’t be a black and gold device, but rather a white and “gold/champagne” phone.

AllThingsD has a good track record when it comes to reporting on Apple, as the site first broke the news of the upcoming September 10 iPhone event. As for Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac, he is also well-informed of products and features as well.

Yesterday, TechCrunch and iMore also confirmed their sources have stated gold will be the next colour choice for the iPhone. The new colour aims to differentiate the next iPhone and also possibly target markets around the world where the flashy colour would sell like hotcakes, in particular China, India and the Middle East. Don’t forget all the ‘ballers’ back in North America as well.

Heck, who doesn’t like gold? Would you buy a gold-coloured iPhone?


  • canadan

    You’d have to pay me to own an iPhone with that colour! To each his own but definitely not my taste. I’m sure Apple wouldn’t offer it unless it looked somewhat decent.

  • djepsilon

    Yeah, definitely not my style either. But I do think it is a smart move for Apple for other markets across the globe.

  • I bet once people get their hands-on demos with the gold unit, they’ll want one. Classic Apple move to lure us all in.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah I am the same, I won’t own a white one, let alone this one, and why wouldn’t they have the gold with black. White looks just bad. And we are still not sure this is true, looks like it might be but still. Why not silver, I know I said it before, but all their macs are silver they should make the phone that way as well.

  • Al

    I’m holding out for “camo”. I would enjoy the challenge of looking extra hard for it if I dropped it on the lawn.
    Much more fun than if I simply dropped it in a pot of gold.

  • K3

    feels too Willie Wonka

  • ojamali

    I would buy the white/gold in a heartbeat! am sick of all the blacks ive had all this time. I was decided on going with the white this time but now that there is a Gold/White option then for sure ill take it!

  • “I love goooooollllllld!” -Goldmember

  • Sara Beep

    After 6+ yrs of black and white only… I’m sold.

  • ????Dennis

    I agree why not silver??? All silver with a nice shiny chamfered edge to it. Not girly like the white and not boring like the black. A perfect in between.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah might upgrade early for that one.