Google Docs Editing Now Available On iPhone & iPod touch


In September 2010, Google announced that the company would bring the ability to edit Google Docs on the iPad and Google’s own Android platform.

Today, Google has followed through on their promise and has announced Google Docs editing for iPad and Android. However, Google has also extended support to the iPhone and iPod touch! The capability will be rolling out over the next few days.

As long as your iOS device is running iOS 3.0 or later, you have full access to editing Google Docs on the go.

With Google Docs, we’re always trying to make you more productive – and part of that means making it possible for you to get things done from anywhere, at anytime. That’s why we’re excited that the new documents editor now supports editing on your mobile browser.

Also note that the feature will be English-only during the initial roll-out and support for other languages will be available at a later date.

[Google Mobile Blog]


  • Anonymous

    Dopeness! 😀 Been waiting for this for a long time now!

  • Nick

    Meh… Ive been using an app called Daily Tracker that syncs with Google Docs already. The only downside is you can’t change fonts, make things bold etc.. But it’s a great memo app

  • Not available for iPhone yet…soon I guess. Looking forward to it…love it!

  • I love it that Google keeps supporting the iPhone.

  • Cgomboc

    Can google docs be used in word and visa versatile

  • XywiX

    where is it..its not in the app store…!!

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