Google Home Pre-Orders Launch in Canada Priced at $179.99 with Free Chromecast


Google announced in May at I/O their Google Home smart speaker would debut in Canada “later in 2017”. Now it appears “later” is actually in the same month, as pre-orders for Google Home are now live in Canada, priced at $179.99, from exclusive retail launch partner, Best Buy.

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Early Best Buy flyers let the cat out of the bag about today’s pre-order launch (via RFD), which will include a free Chromecast worth $45 with orders.

Google Home retails for $130 USD in the United States, so the $179.99 CAD price here reflects a pretty good exchange rate ($130 USD is $175.79 CAD according to today’s exchange rates).

Powered by Google Assistant, users can ask Google Home questions and get answers, plus get it to stream music and control smart devices. The device looks to compete with Amazon’s Echo speakers, which aren’t available in Canada yet, and possibly Apple’s rumoured ‘Siri speaker’, which could debut next week at WWDC.


  • G-Money41

    FYI – Google i/o was in May, not June. That first paragraph doesn’t quite make sense.

  • Whoops, fixed, thanks. You mean today isn’t May 33rd??

  • Many99

    What are the chances we will also see a delay of the Siri speaker coming to Canada

  • KonstantinRD

    Bestbuy page says June 26th release. I wonder how realistic the date is? Anyone who is familiar with Bestbuy’s track record on release dates for pre orders?

  • Gio

    i really don’t get this devices… don’t we all have assistants on our phones everywhere we are? “hey Siri” works great for me. no sense in spending this money on something you already have.

  • Island Man

    Looking forward to the news. It will be interesting since apple is phasing out it’s Airport and Airport Express products, if it’s not loaded with features Amazon and Google already have i can see it flop..i mean we already have Siri in or phones and computers