Another Great Google Photos Ad, Another Jab at Apple’s 16GB iPhone


Earlier this month, a Google Photos ad seemingly targeted iPhone users, particularly those with 16GB models, poking fun at the ‘Storage Full’ pop up that appears when space is no longer available for photos.

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Now, Google Photos is back at it again, with yet another excellent ad detailing why users should use the photo and video backup service, with a free unlimited storage tier for photos up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p.

As the ad below details scenarios of why images should be stored on Google Photos, it also throws in yet another ‘Storage Full’ segment, reminding iOS users why they need to try the service (we’ve all taken pictures of our our router passwords):

Of course when you upload your images to Google Photos (or any free service–Facebook anyone?), by doing so, you’re going to be providing the big ‘G’ with your data, in some form or another. That’s the price of using a free service, but I’m okay with that, for the price of convenience.

I’ve had Google Photos automatically sort my old images into albums, create videos, GIFs and more. I’m horrible when it comes to organizing the billions of photos I take, so to have this done without lifting a finger is pretty nice.

Apple has some compelling changes coming in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra (the Memories feature) when it comes to photos, but the company still charges customers for extra iCloud storage. Google Photos offers an unlimited cloud photos option (16MP photos; 1080p videos), which Apple can’t beat–for now.

Click here to download Google Photos for iOS in the App Store. Are you using Google Photos?


  • thomaus

    Google Photos Search FTW.

    I’ve demoed the search of the library to dozens of friends. Search colours, moods, dates, people (scary good), adjectives, objects, etc. It’s amazing, and you can tell that it’s going to get even better. Sharing is a breeze, too.

    I now use it more than Photos on the phone. And on my Mac(s) I’ve moved the 400+gb Photos library to our utility Mini and off of my Macbook. I thought I was going to need to pay Apple for syncing, but after a few months, I don’t think I need it.

  • Yeah, Google Photos search is really good. It’s awesome for exploring old pictures off those old hard drives from the closet!

  • thomaus

    For instance, I was working on a project where I need to find a photo from an event several years ago. My library goes back to 2000 and has about 100,000 photos. In iPhoto days, I would label events (usually) and then could try to search to find those names. Much failing, and eventual scrolling through the whole library. Now I can seach for “meeting” or “speech” and within a second or two, Google Photos gives me a few pages to scan. No need to keyword! This has saved me hours this year in trying to find things I’ve shot over the last decade plus. And, this same functionality works on my phone! Amazing.