Google Play Sale: Season One of ‘The Walking Dead’ for $0.99


Google Play has a sale right now on the entire first season of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead (in HD) available for just $0.99 CAD.

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The season normally is $17.99 CAD, but right now you can get it for a buck. This is handy if you’re looking to watch the show offline or want to add it to your TV show collection. If you have an existing Google Play Music subscription, you save an additional 10% off.

Right now, the six-episode first season of The Walking Dead is also available in iTunes, but it’s $9.99.

iPhone and iPad users can watch media purchased from Google Play via the Google Play Movies & TV iOS app, which syncs to your Google Play account. Media can be streamed to your TV via AirPlay or Google Chromecast.

The sale on the first season looks to be a promo to highlight the show, ahead of the premiere of its seventh season, set for Sunday, October 23rd on AMC. The show has been renewed for season 8, set to debut in late 2017.

Decent deal. I stopped watching the show just after season four—should I start again? It just got too boring.

[via RFD]


  • Lakh Jhajj

    You speaking exactly my words Gary. Walking Dead was brilliant for first 3/4 seasons. Story , presentation was above everything else. Kept on the edge of the couch. But now it feels the producers have lost the touch and seems a drag. Maybe as you mentions Season 8 is a revamp of show. Hope it gets the charisma back. Side note : Rick is getting old to lead needs to be succeeded but Carl poor Carl lost his eye.

  • Yeah, I felt they were dragging the storyline out for the first few seasons. Nothing big really happened and some episodes were just ‘filler’. Got bored and moved on. tack BS!