Google Sync Shutting Down for New Users on Jan. 30, 2013


Google has announced it will be shutting down Google Sync and Google Calendar Sync, as part of a blog post titled “Winter Cleaning”. The change is only for new users signing up after January 30th, 2013:

  • Google Sync was designed to allow access to Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols. Starting January 30, 2013, consumers won’t be able to set up new devices using Google Sync; however, existing Google Sync connections will continue to function. Google Sync will continue to be fully supported for Google Apps for Business, Government and Education. Users of those products are unaffected by this announcement.
  • In addition to Google Sync, we’re discontinuing Google Calendar Sync on December 14, 2012 and Google Sync for Nokia S60 on January 30, 2013. We’re also ending service for SyncML, a contacts sync service used by a small number of older mobile devices on January 30, 2013.

Google Sync was a way for users to use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for push email, contacts and calendars. As this is set to disappear, Google wants users to use CardDAV and CalDAV instead. Back in September, Google announced CardDAV for syncing contacts and CalDAV for calendars.


There was no further information as to how much longer existing Google Sync users would be able to use the ActiveSync protocol once new sign ups expire in the new year. If you already have a device setup with ActiveSync, this doesn’t affect you, for now.


  • jabohn

    OK so my current Gmail account via Exchange will be unaffected… phew!

  • alamarco

    This is a huge lose. It means Google Sync is coming to an end. I use this for easy access to everything. Losing my push email is going to be huge. Maybe it’s time to switch to the Gmail app.

  • Aslam Nathoo

    Any idea when CardDAV access will be built into the Gmail account setup on iOS? Currently it automatically sets up mail (IMAP), calendars (CalDAV) and notes (IMAP) but no contacts. I believe this would require an update to iOS from Apple.

  • backup needed :p

  • Eric

    Not unless you like pain. The Gmail app sucks rotten eggs through a used twisty straw.

  • alamarco

    I’m going to have to agree with you here. I’ve been using the Gmail app for the past 7 hours and it fails short. It might be better on the faster iPhone 5, but I’m still on my iPhone 4 and it’s a tad slow. It’s usable if you keep the app open, but if you don’t use your phone for a while and the Gmail app gets suspended from memory it takes 10s+ to load up each account and that’s being generous.

    That’s a huge pain because without Exchange you can’t get the Mail app to push email.

  • I can’t believe this. Does anyone know of an actual reason behind this other than cleaning?

  • Mikeale

    That’s it! Done with google BS

  • DjDATZ

    But one of the most important things to me is getting my Google Calendar sync’d with my iPhone’s Calendar! 🙁

  • how i wonder r u doing that?

  • slicecom

    I hope you never plan on upgrading to any new iOS devices.

  • jabohn

    I just did that a month ago so I’m safe for a few years anyway, at least until Google shuts it down completely.