Google Unveils YouTube TV Streaming Service for $35/Month [US ONLY]


At an event in Los Angeles this afternoon, YouTube announced it own TV streaming service, which will offer live streams of broadcast and cable television programming.

The service will exist as a standalone app and contain the wealth of online video found on YouTube. For a cost of $35 per month, subscribers will get access to all four major networks in the United States, including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, in addition to another 35 cable channels.

The price covers a total of six accounts, so each member of the household can have their own personalized recommendations. However, there can only be three concurrent streams running at the same time for each subscription, meaning only three of the six people can be watching at a given time. Like many other streaming services, it has a lot of room for improvement.

The company did not give any specific launch date, but they said it will be rolling out within the next few months. YouTube TV will only be available in the United States (sorry Canada, it seems very unlikely that we are actually ever going to get this one) and will be rolling out to major markets before rolling out to smaller cities.

In addition to the TV streaming bundle, the subscription also gives users a free YouTube Red subscription, which means they won’t see ads on YouTube videos.

[via WSJ]


  • Blah

    isn’t this site called IphoneinCANADA? In other news, the US Has a president. Sorry Canada, you only have a prime minister. Anything else you want to let us know we CAN’T have?

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Having a bad day are we?

  • Many99

    I wonder with a vpn + vanilla prepaid credit card can get this to work with youtubeTV, I know of some people have gotten this to work for YouTube red. Tunnelbear works best with YouTube red from what I know

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  • Tony

    Yeah, they gets trump and we are falling behinds them again. Well never catches up to them.

  • youtuber

    The same way Netflix users in Canada skirted restrictions for years… is that possible with the new Youtube feature?

    Television has become less relevant for me to the point where Kodi can easily supplant anything that I might be missing. I think that is a better deal than something that is still too expensive for what you get.

  • disqus_MgNZdGvnX4

    That is amazing! Where can I sign up?! I will have my credit card and SIN waiting for you. BTW my name is go eff yourself.

    P.S. I’m interested to know whether the vpn + prepaid credit card will work too. I think google would think of those things but, then again, they may not care as long as they get paid.

  • MrXax

    That’s alright; piracy ain’t going anywhere.

  • Brenda

    This is one service I’m not going to miss. The channel lineup is the same bland list of channels that made me cancel cable. I am disappointed that the BBC and the Walter Presents world drama series will be streaming in the US but not in Canada. Guess I’ll have to continue watching them for free for a bit longer. And the Criterion streaming service is also US only. Guess they don’t like Canadian money.

  • Tim

    I get all those channels, and a whole lot more from IPTVSubs for a fraction of the cost.

  • bionicmonk

    If you’re determined and willing you can have anything you want. I.e this.