GoPro HERO4 Session Bundle Drops 50%, Now $259.99

If you’ve been eyeing your first GoPro, the company has slashed the price of their latest HERO4 Session again. The miniature adventure camera at just 73 grams, launched six months ago for $400 USD ($499 CAD), but now is available for $199 USD ($259 CAD), half of its original launch price, as the company is pushing hard to increase sales of the device during the holidays. 

GoPro’s founder and CEO, Nick Woodman said in a statement, “I’m stoked that for just $199, everyone can GoPro this Holiday season.”


The HERO4 Session comes fully waterproof, does not need a case, and has a new water drainage system for the built in microphone. The smaller size does come with limitations as it lacks 4K video, but still records 1080p at 60fps and can take 8mp photos. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it’s a GoPro that you’ll be able to use with the company’s iOS app to change settings and more. has the GoPro HERO4 Session Surf Bundle for $259.99 with free shipping, which includes accessories. While the Canadian exchange makes this deal less warm versus the USA, if you’ve been eyeing this entry GoPro, this may be the time to buy it, as it may make someone happy on Christmas Day. 

Click here to jump on the GoPro HERO4 Session Bundle from while it’s still in stock. 

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  • whatever

    f*** GO pros. hipster junk!

  • Bafoon

    you must be a hoot to hang out with…

  • OliChabot

    Makes you realize how overpriced this camera was when they introduced it…

  • whatever

    point proven. ur a hippy.

  • Yeah, anything with the GoPro name is not cheap

  • Bafoon

    yay. and you’re…the Grinch?

  • Bafoon

    demand and supply – there wasn’t a well marketed product in the marketplace, Go Pros plugged that hole – and buyers bought into it. The price is worth paying if you can justify the need. And with that their popularity and sales had soared.

    Problem is, there is a finite number of active individuals leading a lifestyle which makes buying this product a worthwhile investment. And that market is near saturation now.

    That, combined with the Xiaomi and other chinese brands undercutting the price point – this is a move that was always on the cards.