Griffin Debuts ‘WatchStand’ Charging Dock for your Apple Watch [PICS]


While the high-end gold Apple Watch Edition’s leather box also includes an integrated charger, those with Sport and Apple Watch editions will be looking at aftermarket solutions (unless an official Apple dock is coming??).

Griffin yesterday announced WatchStand, its Apple Watch charging dock solution that also has room to rest your iPhone along the base. Utilizing your magnetic induction Apple Watch cable, you coil it around the core and excess cable length can be cleverly hidden from view.

Screenshot 2015 03 10 10 38 20

Screenshot 2015 03 10 10 40 55

Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology said in a statement “Griffin has long been at the forefront of developing solutions for Apple’s newest devices and we’re continuing that legacy with our WatchStand charging dock for Apple Watch.”

Screenshot 2015 03 10 10 38 04

Check out the promo video below:

Griffin’s WatchStand will retail for $29.99 USD and is expected to be available in “Summer 2015”.


  • Chrome262

    its kind of cool, but why so tall, and if that tall then they should have an area for your phone as well, that would be cool, a combined dock.

  • Yeah I think the Apple Watch charging cable won’t be long enough possibly. Would have been nice to have a dock for the iPhone too!

  • ShaBi

    A huge black dild…. stand to place a tiny watch on the tip? Talk about waste of space.

  • ShaBi

    Combined dock is exactly what this should have been.

  • Tim

    They probably have to pay Apple another 10 bucks in licensing fees to add the extra port. Ugh.