Hailo Taxi For iOS Updated With New User Interface, Improved Paying Experience [u]


Update: Hailo is no longer operating in Canada.


Today, Hailo Network updated their taxi hailing application for iOS with a newly redesigned user interface and an updated payment experience.

The update to Hailo brings a new clean user interface that makes it a lot easier to navigate the application. The company has also updated the payment experience making it really easy to pay with your smartphone.

Hailo is one of the easiest ways to hail a taxi. All users have to do is set up their pickup location, select a car of their choice, and tap Hailo Now. Users have the ability to track their ride in real time and get a notification when the car has arrived. The service is currently available in Toronto, London, Manchester, New York, and several other cities around the world.


Here is a list of new features included in version 4.1 of the app:

What’s New in Version 4.1

By now you many of you have seen our new swag: a whole new passenger app re-designed for lovers of a clean UI. Now it’s on for even more of you – we hope you like it!

The old? Consigned to a bygone era where we had yet to land a spacecraft on a comet and the internet was not yet broken.

Also in this update we’ve made it even easier to Pay with Hailo. If you haven’t tried Pay with Hailo yet, you’re missing out on a truly nifty experience – hop into a cab off the street and use your Hailo app to check-in and pay.

There were also bug fixes.

Hailo for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store. The app requires a device running iOS 7 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5.


  • Maiku Wong

    Hailo doesn’t operate in Toronto/Canada anymore as of Nov 10th, 2014. So this is not relevant to your readership.

  • Guest

    Hailo no longer operates in North America.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    hailo doesnt… oh nvmnd its been said

  • Nick

    Hail just pulled out of Montreal as well