Halifax Apple Store Receives Painted Apple Logo, Opening Imminent


Rumours swirled about Apple coming to the Maritimes in January, and later in March we exclusively confirmed Halifax was set to receive an Apple Store as we detailed the store layout and its floorplans within the Halifax Shopping Centre. We also noted the new Apple retail location started to accept job applications back in early April.

Below is an updated image of the store front, which has received its painted white Apple logo on the black panels, a sure sign an opening is coming soon. The store has reportedly received furniture and numerous fixtures, according to @ifoAppleStore.

Here is the before:

…and the after:

With Apple set to debut the next iPhone at a September 12th media event, the opening of the Halifax Apple Store surely will take place within the next month or so. For those in the Halifax area, be sure to keep us updated if you see anything new. Be sure to email us or tweet us!

The most recent Apple Store opening in Canada was at Masonville Place in London back in June.


  • BigApple2

    I like how there’s just somehow a chick with an iPhone in that photo…

  • Good eye. You sure that’s not a Galaxy S she’s holding??

  • ok so Halifax which has nearly the same population as Victoria gets a Apple Store but we don’t???? VICTORIANS want a Apple Store!!!

  • N

    The Halifax store will pretty much service all the maritime provinces (almost 2 million people).

  • Cshudson

    How close is Vancouver? A significantly shorter drive than someone in Halifax has to drive to get to an apple store I’m sure if they didn’t put one there… Just sayin..

  • BigApple2

    Wouldn’t know, especially because Samsung just copies.

  • ThatGuy

    Good point, Apple should bring this photo as evidence and ask the jury to identify the phone.

  • Zing! Truth

  • Annie

    An Apple Store here in Halifax? Gee, I guess that means we are now a great metropolitan world city huh?. All together now everyone:” WHOOP DEE FRIGGIN’ DO!” Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave LOL

  • Duffsurly

    A ferry ride plus, whole day trip pretty much. I have family in Halifax and its not that large in population.

  • Cshudson

    Really? Google maps show it as only slightly over 100km. Distance between Halifax to Quebec city( nearest apple store?) is over 1000 km. not sure how 100 km can get stretched into a whole day.

  • Bay Street Rocker:

    ACR is now advertising for Apple? Your music scene out east must totally suck if that’s the all ACR can find to report on … Just goes to show that a Springsteen or Tom Petty quality act once a year doesn’t make you an entertaiment mecca. ACR reporting on an Apple Store opening in Halifax, wow!. What’s next: Wal Mart? LOL

  • Swifty448

    Ahaha Yes it is an iPhone. I was taking a picture of the Apple sign at the same time

  • You took the picture? Email us proof! 😉

  • Swifty448

    No my friend took this picture, Im the girl with the iPhone standing in front of him with the iPhone. I took a picture of the Apple store with my phone as he was taking this picture

  • OH! In that case…you’re famous now! 🙂

  • D247

    At all of the comments……”Haters gonna hate”. Sucks if you don’t live in Hali ppl, but I do, so in Apple style…..Bite Me!!

  • blauggh

    Official opening at 09:30 this Saturday, August 18th.

  • Chris

    Steve Jobs stole other peoples ideas and claimed them as his own Samsung has Apple shaking in their pants , that is why Apple has so many lawsuits against everyone