Halifax Apple Store Rumoured To Be in the Works for 2012 [Update]


Update 1: It also appears Apple has had their sights on this location since last November, as noted by The Chronicle Herald. Their interview with the mall’s marketing director resulted in Apple-like secrecy. She refused to divulge the genre of the store or whether the new tenant had an existing American or Canadian or local presence.

What was revealed though is the space will occupy 7000 square feet, an expected 2012 Fall launch, and that the removal of an existing elevator could be part of the renovations. Hmm…what company would could force a mall to remove an elevator? I can only think of one–Apple.

A picture of the construction area within the Halifax Shopping Centre where the Apple Store is being proposed was sent our way (thanks @durwin!):

If this latest rumour proves true, it appears an Apple Store could be arriving at the Halifax Shopping Centre in Nova Scotia. Two separate eastern news sources have received independent tips about this upcoming store (The Coast, AllNovaScotia), and now ifoAppleStore provides details on the possible location of the Apple Store within the mall:

According to the Web site (sub.), the future store will appear near the Sears store, in an area that’s been under construction since mid-November. Workers are reportedly relocating an escalator and building a mezzanine level where the Apple store will eventually appear. The mall was renovated in 2007, and recently has been adding several upscale retailers to serve the province’s one million residents.

A total of 22 Apple Stores are located within five provinces only: BC (4), Alberta (4), Manitoba (1), Ontario (9), and Quebec (4). Could Nova Scotia could join this exclusive list?

Previous rumours noting upcoming 2012 Apple Store openings include locations at Masonville Place Mall in London, and store on Robson St. in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Thanks Cole!


  • Where can I apply for a career behind the Genius bar?

  • Sean

    It’s about freakin’ time!!

  • WGS/Bill

    Actually I wish they would settle on a location that has an entrance from outside. It would be so great to locate it on Spring Garden Road, not too far form the new library.

  • Kaitlyn

    Finally one in Atlantic Canada! I ha an employee in PC Medic tell me one day they were in negotiations with Apple to help them bring an Apple store to Halifax. Wonder if this is related.

  • Bettykoyle

    how does this space make sense? looks small and confusing… 

  • Guest

    It’ll be a lot easier to park at the Halifax Shopping Center than near Spring Garden Rd.

  • Blauggh

     It probably will not be located inside the strange rectangular box shown in the photograph above.  That’s just a protective wrapping around the escalator that’s being removed.

    Instead, the entrance will probably be on the upper level of the mall, right where the upper entrance to the escalator used to be.  The two-story open gallery that used to greet people as they entered the mall will be closed in to create new retail space on the 2nd floor..

  • WGS/Bill

    It would definitely be easier to park, but entering into an Apple store from outside is way nicer.

  • Guest

    There is a rumour going around the HSC that the store itself will actually be two stories, with an entrance from outside, two entrances from the mall (one on each level) and a staircase in the store.