Purported Hands-On with the Yellow iPhone 5C Back Housing [VIDEO]


Sonny Dickson has continued his leaks of what appears to be more coverage yet again of the rumoured lower-cost iPhone 5C, this time showcasing a yellow back housing in a hands-on video.

Following the seemingly limitless number of iPhone 5C prototype pictures we’ve obtained and posted for your viewing pleasure, we’ve gotten our hands on something a little more interesting: A detailed hands-on video showing a yellow iPhone 5C back housing! Not only does this further drive home the idea that the 5C will come in multiple colors – it also adds to the already vast amount of confirmation about the device’s design.

Screen Shot 2013 08 13 at 10 25 16 PM

The video below shows the familiar plastic back housing that has made its way around the web, with Dickson recently sharing high quality images of the case in lime green and also pictures of the buttons. The back housing in the video is also compared to the original iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 /4S and iPhone 5:

John Gruber from Daring Fireball shared his views on the case for a lower cost iPhone last night, where he argues we should be worried if Apple limited iOS 7 in the iPhone 5C to differentiate it from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S:

Apple can withhold cutting edge software features from old devices; they can’t do that for brand-new ones. There can be no penalty for buying a lower-priced iPhone 5C, only rewards for splurging on the higher-priced models, and those rewards should revolve around hardware (camera quality, CPU speed, fingerprint sensor, etc.). The 5C is not about selling a piece of junk to some sort of unwashed masses; it’s about continuing to push the price down to expand the iPhone’s market without changing what the iPhone brand stands for. Siri is now a big part of that brand. If Apple thinks the iPhone 5S needs “protection”, then the 5S (and Apple itself) has problems.

He also speculates on the pricing of an iPhone 5C (Asymco previously shared their own speculation of what an iPhone 5C might cost):

All told, I think Apple could build and sell an iPod Touch-caliber iPhone 5C for $399, possibly as low as $349.

What do you think? Is this enough evidence to believe this lower-cost iPhone is inevitable?


  • Chrome262

    I don’t get why there would be so many leaks, on actual components. Pics sure, I can see a camera in a factory kind of thing, but actually components. Weird. Low cost would increase market share, more kids will be able to get one, it will be like BB was for teenagers a while ago. And these are kids who grew up on iPod so its a natural progression, I gave my iPhone 4 to my nephew, and he was psyched because he was fed up with his Android, and the kids think the iPhone’s are what they should have. Him an his siblings have various iPods and the interface is something they are use to. So if true, especially on the price, then good move.

  • WatDah

    Same here. It’s a very unusual amount of leaks. Not only that, somehow it seems like everybody were able to get their hands on it? That’s just weird. But anyhow, I’m still not very convinced about the 5C. There’s just so many contradictions between pricing, functions, and hardware. If the 5C is indeed real, it would not make sense to have hardware that matches the 5, but it also doesn’t make sense if it’s anything lower, because then it would basically be just a 4″ screen 4S with Lightning. But when considering both cases, pricing would be difficult to justify. Either people paid a hefty price for the aluminum back, or they are paying too much for basically a bigger screen.

    BUT, IF the 5C is intended for foreign growing markets like China and India only, then it would make sense. But I really can’t see that happening.

  • Chrome262

    you don’t think lower colored models would be good for younger crowd, high school and younger?

  • WatDah

    I didn’t say anything about that. But while we’re at it, I do think it’s good as an entry level phone for the younger crowd. But that’s it. So the real question is, is that a big enough market? If so, Apple is really going out of their way, since Apple doesn’t target a specific type or group of customers. They target everyone in general. Kids might think an iPhone is what they should have, but is that what the parents think they should buy for their kids? And so it all goes back to the matter of price, and then all the contradictions I mentioned.

    Yeah, I admit, I really dislike the idea of a 5C.

  • Chrome262

    yeah kind of defeats the purpose of a premium brand. But for all we know its a color option for the 5s or a 5. lets hope this is all BS

  • J. W.

    I don’t mind the colour selection. I think Apple is doing something good here; they’re bringing the colour selection of iPods to their iPhones, possibly bridging the gap between the two products at a lower price point. I’d prefer this over re-releasing last year’s model as a lower-end product.

  • WatDah

    Not just defeat, but annihilate. You can still stand back up when you’re defeated, but if Apple goes the road of “low cost” or “cheap”, there is no turning back. Think about it, they will be constantly put under pressure for a lower cost, or cheap version, of ANY product going forward. The image of being a premium brand will shatter.