Hands-On Videos Demo New Apple Pay Mobile Wallet [WATCH]


At a media event today, Apple announced its new mobile payment solution called Apple Pay.

The company’s new payment system uses the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a new “Secure Element” feature, and the built-in NFC chip on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in conjunction with a credit card stored on iTunes.

Here are a few hands-on video demos of Apple Pay:

Apple Pay will be available in the U.S. starting next month and will be compatible with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and a few other partners. The company will also launch a new Apple Pay API which will allow developers to integrate the new mobile payments system into their own applications.

At launch, Apple claims that their new payment system will work at over 220,000 retails stores within the United States, including Nike, Macy’s, and Walgreens. The company says it is working “very hard” to expand the payments system to other countries including Canada, however, we currently do not have any specific timeframe.

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  • OliChabot

    Yet again Canada is ignored…

  • fmgasparino

    I hope it doesn’t take as long as iTunes Radio.

    We have lots of places accepting NFC in Vancouver. It shouldn’t be too complicated, please.

  • scott

    It’s more to do with partner support. Blame RBC, TD, Scotia, etc.

  • aaloo

    I know, these canadian companies are so archaic. The minute one bank starts to do, everyone will follow suit.

  • aaloo

    negotiations in terms of how much cut apple gets, etc., might be the reason for the delay.

  • francine geary

    No NFC in Canada, pity.
    Our banks and merchants will take forever..if ever..to adopt this system. You have to be an idiot not to realize the security benefits, convenience and cost savings Apple pay will bring. I for one will not spend my money on a product that only does half of what it’s meant to do. Banks will be happy to wallow in their ” pass on the costs to consumers ” attitude for security breeches.

  • websnap

    What are you talking about I’ve used it twice today at two different locations. NFC is more prevalent in Canada than it is in the states.

  • websnap

    They just dealt with the states first for the launch. it’s just legal stuff. No different than how we don’t have iTunes Radio yet, it the licensing.

  • websnap

    I think it has more to do with a world wide rollout that anything. they start in the states first, then announce a group of 5-7 countries… then 10 more… ect. Just like iTunes, tv shows, radio, siri…

  • francine geary

    So , you got an iphone 6 already and used it’s NFC ?

  • websnap

    No, of course not. I have had a CC with NFC for years. most places I’ve seen here in Winnipeg have contactless payment and I even paid for drinks yesterday with Tap as well. NFC doesn’t just exist on phones.