Hands On with Siri in Canada and Local Search on iOS 6 [VIDEO]


Apple announced at WWDC 2012 Siri would be getting a huge list of updates, along with tuned support for Canadian English and French to go with local search support, something we didn’t get with the debut of the iPhone 4S. Here’s a brief video below of Siri on iOS 6 with full support for restaurants, movies, directions and more:

For those annoyed at Siri’s initial shortcomings in Canada, you have a lot to look forward to this Fall when iOS 6 is released to the public.


  • Stelo8

    I’d guess it’s going to frig up Saint John (NB) and St. John’s (NL)…  can you test?

  • Weather isn’t new. Just did the same in ios5 including just asking about weather tomorrow and it gave local Ottawa weather. But what a scam their running making us upgrade for other geographic options in siri. Guess they need as many pieces of bait as possible without giving us everything we want.

  • >.<

    If only they weren’t going to bugger up maps in the process…

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  • OliChabot

    Am I the only one who’s Siri doesn’t work with local searches on iOS 6 Beta 1 ? I’m in French Canada and evrything time I ask for a search it says ”Something went wrong, please try again”… I’m annoyed by this, also since the new Maps app works really badly (so buggy, 3D is wierd and not as presented, can’t zoom, no streetview, the ist goes on…). I really hope they’ll put all the efforts to make this work properly…

  • djepsilon

    Directions to McDonalds FTW!

  • pegger1

    The Apple maps doesn’t have streetview. Google maps does.

  • Not a Fan Boy

    I completely agree. Going away from the years of tuned Google Maps for their own home grown option will suck in a big way. No more street view, not more bus routes and times. It is just politics to try and screw over the only competition they have, and in the process the customer gets screwed. If they end up coming up with something that is better than Google Maps that would be great, but highly unlikely as I don’t see any Apple vans driving around with video for street view data.

  • FlipFuzion

    All we can do is hope Google will be permitted to keep their own map app in the App store…I love street view!

  • Not a Fan Boy

    Apple screwing up the maps is what I was worried about.

    So now I have a choice: get the SIRI I paid for in Canada 1.5 years go and lose a working Map application.
    Or just skip SIRI and keep Google Maps.

    Can you check and see if there is a way to run Google maps directly on the IOS 6 Beta please, it would really help. As I do NOT want to lose Google Maps.
    This may be the final straw to move to an Android.