Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

Happy Canada Day, everyone! The country’s historic 150th birthday has arrived, with celebrations happening coast-to-coast.


Here are some Canadian things you can do today, that’s tech and mobile related:

  • Twitter has a #Canada150 sticker pack. Choose a photo, add stickers and boom—Happy Canada Day!
Canada day iic twitter

Get out and celebrate Canada Day today, eh!

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  • mcfilmmakers

    Why 150? Canada didn’t gain autonomy until the 80s!!!

  • bbousquet

    Technically, Canada is older than 150. I understand this is the anniversary of the confederation but that number’s pretty meaningless for natives and, to a lesser extent, Acadians and other descendants of the French (and British) colons.

  • Dany Quirion

    Last I heard, Queen victoria declared Canada a Dominion in 1867, what you are referring to is the reappropriation of british declaration to Canada.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Yes but why 150? Why not when the colonies were first established? Why is becoming a dominion more important than existing at all? Why not when we gained sovereignty? I still don’t have an answer.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Hence my question

  • mcfilmmakers

    Yes, but why do we celebrate one over the other? Being a dominion does not mean independence.