Have You Been Bitten by the ‘iPhone Halo Effect’?


It’s been two years since Canadians have officially had the iPhone. Starting with the iPhone 3G, subsequently the 3GS, and the iPhone 4 this Summer, we’ve been fortunate to have iPhones sold in Canada within reasonable amounts of time (although iPhone 4 shortages have been horrendous).

My first generation iPhone was my “first” real Apple purchase, and this resulted in my further investment into other Apple products such as the MacBook Pro and iPad. The so called “iPhone halo effect” is what triggers first time Apple users to invest more into the company. I enjoy my iPhone and my MacBook Pro as much as I do the iPad. The seamless integration with all of these devices makes it very enjoyable to use.

My question for iPhone owners is have you been part of the “iPhone halo effect”? Has your iPhone purchase led you to buy your first Mac or even an iPad? Or consider the new MacBook Air and Apple TV?

Apple’s latest fiscal quarter resulted in over $20 billion dollars in revenue and record profits. Did you play a part in Apple’s blockbuster quarter? Recently, my brother acquired his first Mac, a 27″ iMac. This was after he had purchased an iPad earlier in the Spring. I would say his satisfaction with the iPad resulted in his iMac purchase.

We read about the ‘halo effect’ all the time when it comes to Apple. Let’s see if this holds true for Canadian iPhone owners.


  • Half_Pint

    Not so much other Apple products, but definitely accessories. They shrewdly omit things like a Universal Dock Adapter from the iPhone 4 package, forcing you to buy THREE from the Apple store (plus shipping of course).

    More like a pain in the halo.

  • xxJDxx

    Its definitely caused me to take another look at Mac. Still not something I feel is worth the cost, but I do own an iPad!

  • Anonymous

    Nope. I just bought a $2k laptop from Dell. Never considered to buy a Mac Book Pro

  • Anonymous

    Yea and no I never use to look at apple products before my iPhones and ip4 and I still won’t buy one but I like the MacBook air but still won’t buy it on it being too expensive

  • Hyperextension

    I started out with the first gen iPhone, purchased unlocked on eBay. Then of course went to the 3G, 3GS and now i4. In between, I have purchased an iMac and most recently AppleTV. Next is going to be a MacBook. Great products and great customer service keep me coming back for more.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 3G, now iPhone 4, iPad and seriously considering the new MacBook Air…it’s a sickness!

  • ML

    Same here but don’t own anything else from Apple other than all generations of iPhones. Perhaps an iPad when it matures into a useable product with USB support, cameras and other essentials that competitors are rolling out from the get go.

    And other Apple stuff is just not a part with what I can get for a similar price, or even slightly more. Boxee instead of AppleTV. VAIO laptop instead of MacBook. Etc.

  • iPod Touch to iPhone 3GS, then 3 airport expresses for music streaming in my home (remote app). Then an aiport extreme to tie them together. Upgraded to iPhone 4 this fall, and got the new Apple TV shortly after.

  • CarlosTheJackal

    iPod Touch 2G -> iPhone 4 -> Macbook Air 2010

  • roadcarver

    My first Apple purchase was the Apple Newton – bulky but great for its time. The Apple iPhone 3G was my second Apple purchase, and then the iPhone 4 was my 3rd. Granted I was in the Treo bandwagon for sometime and then Windows Mobile 6 was a decent OS, but slow on the platform it was used on.

  • ward09

    My iPhone 3G was my first ever Apple purchase, and I now have an iPhone 4. I’ve been bitten by the Apple bug, only in the sense that I want everything I see from them, but I’ve been strong enough to resist for now. That said, I plan on picking up an iPad 2, if it has all the rumoured bells and whistles, like retina display and a camera. I also would like to get my first Mac, either a Macbook Air or a Mac Mini, although I really can’t justify it. As for Apple TV, I don’t need it at all, but for some reason I really want it.

  • Anonymous

    This “halo effect” has not only effected me, but has spread to my family, as well. I started with the original iPhone. Then my wife got an iPod touch. Then she moved on to the iPhone 3G, and the iPod Touch got handed down to my daughter. Subsequently, my wife and I have had every iteration of the iPhone. We are also proud owners of an iMac, MacBook, and an iPad. It doesn’t stop there. My brother has since become an iPhone owner, and is thinking of purchasing a MacBook. Also, my parents bought an iMac, and recently got themselves an iPad. This is how Apple wins. Their marketing team is genius, but it’s the hands on experience, that makes people want to buy!

  • Apple fan

    started by buying ipods (Classic 30G then latest Nano). Then last year I bough 32G-3GS. As I wanted to develop apps for it I had no choice but to buy a MAC. That’s all I wanted to do with it as I am a Pro-Windows guy.

    Then the big surprise!!! I love so much the MAC OS on my MACBook thatI bought a MAC-mini !

    I also bought 1 Airport-Extreme and 2 Airport Express.

    I still have my 2 Windows PC (Dell Dimension 8300 and 15″ InspironLaptop).

    Also.. I bought a MAC Software tool which allows to execute natively the MS-Office suite (not in VM mode, but plain native mode on any MAC that has an Intel processor: they simply provide a transparent cloud in between the OS and Office software such as Words and Excel).

  • Anonymous

    In the beginning there was the Mac Pro… which lead to a classic iPod…which lead to the 1st gen ATV… which lead to the iPhone 3G… which lead to the iPhone 3GS…. which lead to the Apple shares… which lead to the iPad… which lead to the iPhone 4… which lead to the MacBook Pro… which lead to an iPod Touch… which lead to the AEBS… which lead to the second ATV!!!

    So yeah I’d say there is definitely a halo effect going on.
    …god I have a problem.

  • Griz

    Absolutely, Bought the 3Gs in February, lost it in July. Subsequently bought 2 iPad’s. One for my parents, my Dad doesn’t get to use it because my Mums always on it. And I bought one for an employee who just loves it. Just got my iP4 two weeks ago and would love to get the new Macbook Air. Unfortunately though I have a Dell Vostro 1220 that’s only a year old, so I’m going to have to wait until it’s a lot older…..or it falls of my desk 🙂 Also would love to get an iPad for home as well….one day.

  • SF

    The halo effect wont effect me as long as their macbooks and iMacs are not reasonably priced. I can get a windows machine for half the price and get more work done on it. All Apple products does attract me, but then the price just blows me off. And yes, I am a proud owner of the the iphone 4 🙂

  • Auto Strada

    …just like why some people buy a Porsche over a Toyota.

  • Threetone

    I started out with the itouch back in January 2008. After that there was a domino effect. Got my macbook pro, my first iphone and everything Apple from then on. I had to answer no to your posed question though as it wasn’t the iphone that got me started. It was the itouch ipod.


    Started with iPhone 2G then

    3Gs X2
    iPod nano X2
    iPod shuffle
    MacBook Pro
    iPhone 4


    Ohhhhh and I almost forgot of course apple TV

  • My first Apple product was an iPod 3G. That led me to the Touch, then iPhone, then iPad. I have coveted iMacs, Macbook’s and Apple TV since…

  • I probably won’t buy an Apple computer. I’ve always built my desktop gaming rigs and found it cheaper or more effective than pre-built anything. I have an iPhone and iPad though, which fulfill my mobile computing needs. Bought the iPad because I knew it would be awesome after using the iPhone.

  • Roshellercunn

    My first apple product was a 4gb mini way back in the day. I mow have that same mini, a classic 160gb, and a 16gb 3GS. When the iPhone 5 comes out I’ll get that too.

  • Angelo

    I previously had a Macbook Pro Airport Extreme and iPod.
    I purchased the first iPhone, sold it and got the 3G.
    Now, I gave my 3G to my gf, sold my Macbook pro, sold my iPod and tried to sale my Airport.
    I am now on Samsung Galaxy S (android) and will be getting a Sony VAIO.
    I also bought an iPad.
    I will never ever again buy a Mac, but am thinking of going back to iPhone…if one day they release the white version.

  • ReyT

    Yes. First was the iPhone 3G for me, then bought the 3GS as a gift for my wife, then I upgraded to iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago. I bet the wife can’t wait for her upgrade as well :). Seriously considering a MacBook Pro or an iMac to replace my old Dell laptop. When I get my new HDTV, I may get the AppleTV as well…yup, got the halo effect.

  • Dongski

    Yes! first taste of apple product is the 1st click wheel iPod (Monochrome) & I bought then the Bose Speaker. Next is the video iPod (32 GB i think). Then, next is the 1st gen iPod touch. Followed by iPhone 3G, then a macbook because got interested in app development. Purchased next is the 3GS, iPad, then lastly the Iphone 4. After 6 years, i now have 6 apps for sale in the app store and already recovered my expenses. Right now, still waiting for another iPhone 4, ordered for my son. Whew! never been an addict except for Apple products.

  • Tom

    The other way for me. I was a mac user first which led me to switch to an iphone

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had an iPod before so the iPhone wasn’t a huge leap. I’m thinking of possibly purchasing an iPad in the future, but Apple’s computers aren’t worth pay the extra Apple for a machine that I can get for much cheaper from HP, Dell, Acer, etc and has the same specs.

  • mike

    My first Apple product was the original ipod touch. I bought an iphone 3g 2years later. Since last December I have bought an ipad, a macbook pro and an iphone 4. I am thinking about an imac, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet.

  • Anonymous

    What are your apps?!

  • Jbohn

    I got my first mac in 1993 when I was in grade 11. My dad loaned me part of the money and it took forever to pay him back. It was a IIvi. The next was a Performa 6400, then a used Blue & White G3, a used Silver G4, then a brand new G5, and last year a new mac mini. Along the way I bought my first iPod (a used original model), then I bought a used 3rd Gen model, then a new iPod with video (I remember how awesome that used to be), then a 1st Gen iPod Touch, and now an iPhone 4. Along the way I’ve purchased an iSight and AirportExpress (both used), and now a new AirPort Express N and an AirPort Extreme as well as a Cinema Display (before they went all glossy). Add in the AppleCare I’ve purchased for some of those products and various apple apps and software upgrades and I’ve given Apple a large chunk of change for over 17 years!

  • Absolutely! I started with a 23″iMac core duo. Then came a wireless airport extreme followed by a 32gb iPod touch and 2 iPod shuffles, then a 15″ macbook (white), then an iPhone 3G, then a quad core mac pro, then a 3GS, then an iPhone 4, and finally a 27″ iMac i7. Then of course the software, Final Cut Pro, Aperture, iWork and OS upgrades from Tiger to Snow Leopard. Plus various wireless mice and keyboards. This christmas I will be buying another iMac 27″ for my son and using my old 23″ as a dedicated media server running Plex 9. I sent the 15″ macbook to England for my Mum to use and we Skype regularly. Yes I drink the Koolaid and I don’t mind admitting I’m an Apple fanboy. I have also persuaded my in-laws to purchase a mac mini and a 15″ macbook.

  • Invx

    Yeah, I started with an iPod touch, then my sister got one. I got an iPhone 3GS at launch, and then a 4. My dad also got a 4 and my sister wants an iPhone too!
    Also; I splurged and got myself an iPad for my birthday.

    Don’t think I’d pay the price for a Mac though..

  • Jj

    Of course. iPhone 3Gs -> iMac 21.5″ -> time capsule -> iPhone 4 -> aTV (version 2). Who knows what’s next, as the saying goes ” I’ll buy anything that’s shiny and made by apple”

  • Cashinstinct

    1) iPod Nano 2G
    2) iPod Touch 2G
    3) iPhone 4

    No Macs yet… might consider it when my current laptop will be history.

  • Info

    I’ve been using MACs since Photoshop 3.5 many many years ago!

  • iPod shuffle then nano then iPhone now Macbook Pro