Have You Noticed Better Battery Life on iOS 5.0.1? [POLL]


(image from: Engadget)

Yesterday Apple released iOS 5.0.1, its first ‘delta update’ which meant only necessary files were downloaded, instead of the entire iOS. Also, this update debuted over the air updates, which so far in my experience have worked exactly as described.

iOS 5.0.1 was released to address iOS 5.0 battery life issues for iPhone users, in particular those with the iPhone 4S. Have you noticed a positive increase in battery life on iOS 5.0.1? Vote below!

Remember, if you care about a jailbreak do not update to iOS 5.0.1.


  • I’m not noticing a difference.. but, I also didn’t really have any issues.. 

  • Frnestrada

    actually this update is worse. 

  • iPhone4s

    I am noticing it is a bit better.  However I have location services turned off, bluetooth turned off and everything else that I have read about.  To me that does not make sense.  I buy an iPhone and I cannot use all the features because the battery drains too fast.  Not happy with that.  iPhone 4 worked better.  Contemplating ditching my iPhone 4s and go back to iPhone 4.

  • I noticed no difference since before the update, when my 4S’ battery life was pure gar-bahge.

  • Wuju

    I think it’s better.

  • Iphone

    Actually all phones if you leave bluetooth on it drains it pretty quick. You don’t neccesarily need it on 24/7 unless you have to talk on your headset all the time

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s to early to tell. I say give it a couple days and run this poll again.

  • Sly

    Down to 58% already. At this rate it’ll be dead by 9pm tonight. This is much worse than before the update.

  • Ryan

    I’ve been using the beta for a little while and have noticed a big difference.  I used to be able to get about 2 days of moderate usage on a charge prior to installing the iOS 5 beta earlier this spring and have been able to get similar results since installing 5.0.1.

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed a difference not many people have though guess it all depends on the pr0n you watch

  • Johna

    I keep bluetooth on all the time on my 4 and it doesn’t drain the battery much.  There’s nothing like jumping into the car and not have to touch any buttons and having the music/phone automatically sync.

  • Yup.

  • Mitin P

    2 hours and 50 minutes of usage, 6 and a half hour standy, lots of music, some twitter, some text, a little browsing, 3 phone calls of atleast a minute. Im at 69%. I don’t know if its a change from before.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many people with issues did a restore from backup vs. fresh installs? If I was having issues I’d start fresh and see if it helped. If not, you can always restore from backup again. I’ve also heard people who turn off raise to speak in Siri settings get better battery life…

  • Anon

    This update sucks.  It’s actually A LOT worse than 5.0.  I’m selling off my 4S crap and ‘upgrading’ back to my untethered Jailbroken iPhone 4 on 4.33.

  • Anon

    That’s what I did.  Went back to the 4.  Much better battery life, and untethered JB’d too.

    iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S is overrated, over-hyped crapola.

  • Right now, battery shows 43% with: 

    Usage: 4 hours, 51 minutes
    Standby: 13 hours, 38 minutes

    On iOS 5.0 I would’ve been dead by now or at 10%.

  • Anonymous

    What I’ve noticed is that safari crashes a lot more now…

  • David

    woke up at 6 now it is 8:30 I am at 85% one iMessage sent, 1 email received, so it is worst. I always have to use the mophie Juice pack with my 4S

    Usage 37 minutes
    Stand by: 2hours 28 minutes

  • Anonymous

    Ok so far i did ALOT of browsing for an hour and lots of video, all on wifi. I used twitter, tumblr, tsn, HIO, apple forum. Down to 90% after an hour and a minute of usage. Standby time just as long as usage. The setting i have is half brightness, few notifications (testing without facebook, g+, ebay) such as twiiter, email push off and fetch hourly. Location services off, bluetooth off. Also nothing running in the backround. My average length of battery has been 6 hours.

  • Staranp

    Honestly no.
    I went from an iPhone 3 to an iPhone 4s and they have the same battery life.

  • Thwarth

    The update appears to have solved my time zone issue. My phone said I was one time zone to the west and my battery drained crazy fast. I had to turn off the automatic time. Auto time is back on and all appears to be fixed now.

  • Jarndt08

    Is this good? I’m at 44%

    Usage: 3h 46m
    Standby: 13h 57m

  • Salvatore

    I noticed a diffrence with my 4, considering I had great battery life before the upgrade it’s even better now.

  • My wife was complaining about her terrible battery life after Android OS… I mean iOS 5. She updated to 5.0.1 and is happy once again, as it appears to have cleared up.

    She refused my Galaxy S II when I offered it to her lol… she is still loyal, but one day I will get her 😛

  • Yanagapa

    I notice better battery life. Prior to the update I was on the mark with 6hrs usage And 12 standby to dead battery. Now I get 7.5hrs and 24hrs. So that’s a great increase. But usage also plays a role in battery drain. I text and email heavy. Talk little, play games, surf and watch videos or netflix for about 2 hours throughout the day.

  • Chris

    Mine battery life is worse!

  • Geo

    My battery life was way better before I did the last upgrade to iOS 5.0.1. Now it drains much faster!!! What’s up with that??? Geo

  • Worse than before, mine seems to be draining even though it is plugged in…

  • Anonymous

    My iPhone 4 seems worse….

  • hessiebell

    my battery life is markedly improved with the update.  24 hours of normal usage and i’ve still got 25-40% left.  it’s glorious!