Help Vote for to Win the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards!


At the end of last November, we posted about our nomination into the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards under the ‘Best Science and Technology Blog’ category and asked for your vote.

Well, it looks like the power of our community pulled through because we received enough votes to make it into the final round. Voting started for the final round two weeks ago but we just found out today, and polls close in 11 days.

We would appreciate your support if you enjoy what we do around here, and if we’ve helped provide you with some value. There are no prizes for winning but just a nifty little badge of recognition. That’s more than enough for us. 🙂

Vote for us below, and don’t forget to share this poll with your friends and family too. The polls close on January 20th, 2012.

PS – If you’re reading this post via your RSS reader, the embedded poll might not appear so click here to vote.


  • Jreid2375

    Voted. Good Luck!!!

  • Skip4259

    Gary, what’s happened to your podcast with Justin?

  • Ryan

    Can we add MacRumors as a write-in?

  • Anonymous

    Voted,all the best 🙂

  • Anon

    Voted.  Never even heard of the other blogs.  Surprised MobileSyrup never made it on there.

  • voted. keep up the good work

  • Anonymous

    voted you owe me a beer gary

  • Six pack of Lucky coming your way yo!

  • ierick11nov

    Hey! Gary u forgot about me !! iPhone in Canada is the best man!