Here Are Some iOS 7 Features, Gestures and Tips You Should Know About [VIDEO]


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iOS 7 was released publicly by Apple on September 18, two days before the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. In under 24 hours, the adoption rate of iOS 7 hit 35% as users upgraded to new operation system as fast as they could, causing massive strain on Apple’s servers.

Out of 1,248 votes from our impromptu poll about iOS 7, 61.8% of you said you loved the new update, 9.7% said you hated it, 7.37% had not updated yet and 20.9% said they needed more time to decide.

iOS brings new gestures and features which might not be commonly known by all users, especially new ones. Below is a quick overview of some of my favourite iOS 7 changes and some tips for new users. Check it out below:

Stay tuned as we’ll soon have more iOS 7 tips and tricks coming soon. What features do you love the most about iOS 7?


  • jasonnip

    In camera mode you can swipe across the screen to change picture modes. No need to try to swipe the text prompts.

  • mcfilmmakers

    I have an iPhone 5. I find iOS 7 to have a slower response time purely because of the stupid Zooming animations everyone you press a button. I hate waiting for the app to zoo. In or the unlock screen to fade into view.

  • hank

    … i simply like the videos you guys have nowadays. always is a job well done. thanks for the effort. cheers!

  • Thanks! Kris is a pro.

  • iOS7

    Good videos as always, thank you!

    PS. Can you please make a video or tutorial on how one should go buy an iPhone with iOS 7. I know with this whole Apple ID/Password one cannot reprogram it, but there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. This would really apply to those that want to purchase it from eBay/Kijiji/Craigslist/etc and not directly from Apple or Apple Authorized.

  • Just Me

    I am surprised Apple hasn’t updated the RAM on the iPhone 5S

    I’ve seen people posting on the web but nobody seems to know how much more RAM iOS 7 uses over it’s predecessor on the iPhone 5. I am surprised this info is known.

  • Carl

    Chronicalogical order? Lol

  • artikas

    Also while taking a video you now have a 2nd button in the corner that lets you take pictures when you are filming.

  • Jason

    Great video!

  • MeadorsMusings

    Thank You. It means a lot to hear that.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Wow – thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t even noticed it.

  • Thanks–Kris is magical.

  • Xywix

    in SMS, you can pull to the left to get a view of the time each txt was sent…this is HUGE to me, i always wanted this feature. also swipe left on tabs to close them in safarai!