Here’s Why iPhone Owners Are More Platform Loyal Than Android Users [INFOGRAPHIC]


According to a recent survey by research firm AskYourTargetMarket (AYTM)22 percent of Android users plan to move to an iPhone within the next six months, while 87 percent of existing iPhone users plan to buy the iPhone 5 in the next six months. In the light of AYTM’s research findings, an interesting article by Computer World highlights why iOS users are more loyal to their existing platform as compared to Android users.

Statistics of the survey, which consisted of 600 American consumers, reveal that current Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to an iPhone in the next few months than vice versa.


It’s not too hard to figure out, here’s a few reasons consumers might choose to switch: 

Not every Android device is equal: 

High-powered devices (such as some Galaxy phones) cost around the same as an iPhone; while less well-featured Android devices only offer partial sets.

Android is a malware minefield:

Most consumer users don’t want to be fiddling with security settings or reading about the latest malware scares. They don’t care about rootkits. They don’t even know what rootkits are.

Android’s update system sucks:

Android updates are delivered through a Byzantine route. This means not every update is made available to every device. This means Gingerbread is still in use on 57.2 percent of Android devices.

A nice overview of AYTM’s reseach findings has been put together in the following infographic:


  • JonDuke19

    I have an iPhone 5 which I upgraded fom an iPhone 4. I rea the first paragraph and stopped…

    If 87% plan on staying with Apple, it means 23% plan to change… Which is more than the 22% of Android users who plan to switch… Just saying.

  • Cader

    Check your math JonDuke.
    100 – 87 = 13%

  • raids

    Go back to HS. Your math sucks!

  • bradg17


  • Math

    yeah 9%+4% also equal 13% (9% to android and 4% to others)

  • Math

    but still agree that 87+23 is probably not 100… not in my world anyway

  • Joey

    People are invested in apps and don’t want to reinvest on a new platform

  • RsVan

    Android users like the best whether that be android win8 bb or ios, so they will jump to the best platform whichever that may be, apple loyalists are just that.