High Definition Hands-On of the Alleged ‘Budget iPhone’ Shell in Green [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 9.22.27 AM

YouTube user TechExamined goes hands on the with alleged ‘budget iPhone’ shell that has been making its way around the web. We’ve seen numerous leaks of this shell, which many suspect to be a Chinese clone or knock-off of some sort. If you want a closer look at the case (but in green) which has been all over the web, you can check it out below (it makes for great discussion):

We’ve seen a previous hands-on of this in white, which was a plug to sell an Android phone in this shell called the ‘Basic Bear’ (WTF?).

What do you think of this shell? The real deal or just another knock off? KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report yesterday to say the budget plastic iPhone is expected to launch in early September at a price of $450-$550. Ain’t nobody got time for plastic—does Apple?


  • Duffsurly

    I really feel that this so called “budget” iPhone is making apple take a step back in technology.

  • Chrome262

    is a promo stunt, The same one we saw for the white, where you get their android device. So all you do is make a few that say iPhone, and you get interest in the same and size. then you turn around and say, hey while this isn’t available ours is. I mean seriously it has not holes for the buttons yet, so this shows you its preproduction. They are using a few of these to get people to watch their stuff and push their android knock off. Because you cant really sell these and say iPhone with it, but you can call it basic bear. Or you make the ones that say iPhone for your home market where they don’t bother to go after knock offs