New Alleged High Quality Green iPhone 5C Packaging Image Leaks [PIC]


A couple days ago we posted an image which claimed to be packaging from Apple’s lower cost iPhone 5C. The image showed a pinkish iPhone with a similar-coloured wallpaper affixed to the display.

A new image has surfaced which claims to be the iPhone 5C in its packaging again, yet this time the image is of higher quality, as posted by ctechcn (via Macotakara), which says the package was received by its anonymous sources.

Iphone 5c greenScreen Shot 2013 09 01 at 11 06 04 PM

The image depicts the supposed iPhone 5C in lime green and the colour looks in line with previous leaks of the outer shell, as seen below:

If this isn’t enough for you yet, 9to5Mac points to some allegedly leaked iPhone 5C SIM ejection tool and packaging materials images.

Iphone 5c packaging2

Iphone 5c packaging3

As the countdown ensues for Apple to announce new iPhone models at an event on September 10, expect more leaks to surface.


  • iPhone goes green. Expecting the symbol will go Green apple.

  • Chrome262

    If this is real (to many leaks, weird) I am not sure this would work for them, lower cost phone might be good for kids but will it work in other places?
    and this green is awful, but then it could be the picture quality.

  • Peter

    That green is ugly as f**k and so not Apple quality. It looks dirt cheap.

  • Kirk

    Jeezzz ugly as fuk! I can’t see apple doing this… They have always positioned themselves as a company with quality products… This feels and looks too much like a sellout.. Plus the ideal sucks… And I AM an apple fan, not a fanadroid.