High Quality iPhone 6 Images Leaked by eBay Seller [PICS]



An eBay seller has posted high resolution images of what appears to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. The photos were posted on an Imgur account and shared via Reddit.

The image shows significant design changes, with the power button now on the side of the device, much like many Android smartphones. If the display on the iPhone 6 is 4.7-inches, then moving the power button to the side would make for easier one handed use.


Apple is expected to announce two models of the iPhone 6 this year, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a slightly larger 5.5-inch display. Both devices are rumoured to include the A8 CPU and come in at 6 millimetres thick.


The next-generation iPhone will reportedly be announced this fall alongside the public release of iOS 8. The company is also expected to announced the long-rumoured health and fitness-focused iWatch, which has been rumoured to come in multiple sizes and include over 10 sensors.

[via BGR]


  • Supacon

    No way this is the real deal. I can’t imagine Apple using chintzy plastic headphone and lightning ports like this. Also, there are no pictures of the back which might be amongst the hardest parts to forge accurately with the Apple logo and regulatory markings and such.

  • Norm

    This is a mock up of the original to use to make iphone cases and such.

    Not the real thing only in looks.

  • jeffsters

    An eBay seller? What was he selling? The phone? A mockup? The pictures? Nothing? I don’t get the connection here to eBay.

  • steve81

    Via BGR… they say it’s a mockup. You can see many imperfections in the pictures, so that was obvious to begin with. Please update your post.

  • Mike P.

    Why do companies insist on putting headphone Jacks on the bottom? Don’t they realize cup holders and treadmills force you to put them in the holder “standing up”?

  • Acke

    I really hope they don’t go away from square edges because it’s impossible to hold a round edged phone for taking pictures with one hand!
    Think it over Apple!!
    Even Samsung noticed that and made S5 easier to hold.