HomePod Software Updates Will Happen Over-the-Air Like Apple Watch


How will Apple’s HomePod handle software updates? According to code within iOS 11.2.5, 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo has discovered software updates will be installed via the Home app.

As you can see from the screenshot below, there’s an option to have updates installed automatically:

Homepod software update

Image via 9to5Mac

Software updates handled over-the-air for HomePod are similar to how Apple Watch users update watchOS, via the Apple Watch app. It’s most likely the latest version of software for HomePod will only become available when users have the latest version of iOS installed.

Early press reviews of HomePod have been fairly positive, with many reviewers concluding sound quality of the speaker is impressive for its size.

HomePod launches on February 9 in the US, UK and Australia. Canadians have no ETA on when the speaker will launch in Canada, but hopefully sometime in 2018.


  • I really am curious as to how the HomePod will compare to my iPhone X sitting on the table. Will it offer more than Siri can do than my phone via voice commands across the room?

    Or is it simply just an expensive speaker with Siri in it? I look forward to trying it, but currently I have doubts, as if it’s just a speaker, a $100 bluetooth speaker + iPhone will get the same job done,

  • Olley

    I had exact same doubt before google home mini went on sale for Black Friday. Got one to try it out and I have to say it’s quite good for what it does. I can walk into kitchen and ask mini just about anything. I don’t need to go look for my phone or pair it with a speaker in advance. Sounds super lazy but it really becomes second nature being able to voice commend everything that pops into your head. Pretty magical.

  • It does sound awesome, I mean I have everything Apple, Mac, iPhone, smart lights, TV, etc. I totally love the smart home idea, just $329 + Tax, environmental fee and all the stuff, it’s $400 at the end of the day. I really want to try, I think I just need to see videos of it in action to be totally sold or not.

  • Olley

    Unfortunately Apple accessories are über expensive in Canada. AirPods – 160 usd vs. 210 cad plus tax. Won’t be surprised it starts at 450-500 🙁