Here’s a Complete List of Audio Sources Supported by HomePod



As pointed out by the folks over at MacRumors, a new Audio Sources section has been added to HomePod’s tech specs page by Apple, listing all the ways in which the smart speaker is able to stream audio.

Below is a complete list of sources supported by HomePod:

  • Apple Music: HomePod users can ask Siri to play any of over 45 million songs available on Apple Music. A subscription is required. 
  • iTunes Music: HomePod users can ask Siri to play any songs, albums, or audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store. 
  • iCloud Music Library: HomePod users can ask Siri to play any songs uploaded to a user’s iCloud Music Library, including songs imported from other sources such as CDs, with an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription. 
  • Beats 1: HomePod users can ask Siri to play Apple’s official radio station. 
  • Podcasts: HomePod users can ask Siri to play any podcast episodes from the iTunes podcast directory. 
  • AirPlay: HomePod users can use AirPlay to play other audio from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac. AirPlay 2, coming later this year, is only required to stream audio from these sources to multiple HomePods.

To learn more about the HomePod’s tech specs and supported audio formats, click here.


  • Olivier

    Could you use Spotify on your iPhone and stream it to the HomePod via AirPlay just like any regular station ?

  • Tim

    Ok, not buying this. There are much more cost effective options that, god forbid, have a physical input, or plain old bluetooth.

  • Dansk

    Yes you can.

  • Olivier

    But you can’t use your friend’s Android to play music via Bluetooth ? lame.

  • Michal

    it might sound ok, but lack of … features … makes this a complete non-consideration for me. honestly cannot believe people support this stuff.

  • Olley

    first of all, android is lame.
    secondly, bluetooth audio is terrible to listen to in general.

    you’re welcome.

  • Jack

    totally agree

  • Tony Scicchitano