‘House of Cards’ by Netflix: First Major Emmy Nomination for Online-Only Show


House of Cards, an exclusive series to Netflix has become the first online-only program to be nominated for top Emmy awards. The show received nine nominations overall, with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright both being nominated in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories.

Jason Batemen from the latest season of Arrested Development, which debuted on Netflix exclusively was nominated for Best Actor in Comedy. Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove, both Netflix exclusives also were nominated in other categories as well.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has previously stated the company is ready to assertively bid for movie and TV rights in Canada to battle local cable television, but still sees the service as a complementary product alongside cable. Rogers and Bell Media-Astral plan to create their own rival streaming service to sway existing subscribers away from alternative products such as Netflix.

The first season of House of Cards was excellent. Can’t wait for the second season to begin. Click here to sign up for Netflix–it’s $7.99 per month and the first month is free.

[via Quartz]


  • Chrome262

    Love my Netflix, and that and say HBOgo or someother service, can really be a cable or sat alternative. Quite a few of my friends have already completely severed themselves from rogers and bell. And now just stream shows, or download, with unlimited internet packages. And since these are mostly ad free, I can really see either web based advertising or the return of bill boards lol. I remember the draw of cable was commercial free channels, now that’s pretty hard to find, bit it was a big draw in the past, people hate advertising in their entertainment.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s a great show … Must watch for all.

  • travis

    its not Netflix only you can go to costco and buy the first season.

  • We were referring to the show initially airing on Netflix-only. It’s available at Costco (love the place) but of course it’s backed by Netflix. It’d be cheaper to pay the monthly fee of $8 instead of buying the first season for what…$25?