How Do You Like iOS 7 So Far? [POLL]


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It’s been just over 24 hours since Apple released iOS 7 for the masses. The crushing demand for the latest operation system upgrade affected Apple servers and caused quite the headache for some.

Despite people running into “Software Update Failed” and “Software Update Unavailable” errors, eventually devices were upgraded because in less than a day, the iOS 7 adoption rate has hit 35%. People are still dealing with App Store updates not updating, but there is a fix you can find here for that.

Don’t forget to try out these top 10 new features in iOS 7 in our quick roundup.

The poll of the day is: How do you like iOS 7 so far? Vote below!


  • InsaneWoodGrain

    Definitely an upgrade, however there’s a few expected bugs. Hopefully they address them sooner than later.

  • Andre

    Yes, still a few bugs. I get odd entries showing up in contacts when starting to send an email, plus AirDrop doesn’t always see other AirDrop devices until you try a few times.

  • Supacon

    Overall I think the new iOS is an improvement; Control Center is awesome, and generally things look much more elegant. But there are some big caveats. My iPhone 4S never felt slow before, now I notice sluggish, jerky animations all the time. The thing I hate most: The fade-in when I wake the device. It seems that waking the device takes 1-2 seconds every time now, whereas before it was instant. Many common tasks seem to take a bit longer all over, largely due to the new animations.

    I’m not sure about the lack of borders around buttons. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it feels like it takes me a couple of tries to hit buttons like the “send” button in messages.

    Hopefully this proves to be a better experience for those using newer, faster devices but I feel like this release is a bit half-baked and needs some optimizations. There’s certainly potential here, though. The general direction Apple has taken is a good one, in my opinion.

  • Felipe Ribeiro

    Love the features. Hate the UI designed by children. It’s not so difficult to draw nice flat UI! Pay a designer!

  • Darrin

    Totally agree. Functions great. UI looks like it was done in crayon.

  • Al

    The Candy Land of operating systems.

    – There are bugs that just should not be there at this stage.

    – Paralax is pretty bad on a 4s & iPad 3. Very jerky and sometimes non-functioning.

    – Spotlight is EXTREMELY annoying on the iPad. I always swipe with my thumb on a downward angle, and now half the time it brings up Spotlight.

    – The one second delay for the home screen to appear is surprisingly frustrating.

    – Scrolling lists is often jerky (in Settings).

    Perhaps this is partly why the 5s is so fast. it needs to be in order to properly handle iOS7.

    I also miss Skeuomorphism. Maybe not the old stitching and stuff, but couldn’t it have been modernized? That’s a part of the “cool” factor. iOS7 apps look so sparse with a sense of being incomplete and cold. Maybe I’ll get used to this – I don’t know.

  • Arcanum777

    Absolutely true. I said the same thing yesterday when I installed it. The features keep getting better to me but the UI is Fugly

  • K.

    Like it in general. Love it? No.
    Still no sign of the customized functions I could expect with this kind of machine…
    And I keep getting a “New iCloud Terms and Conditions” pop-up that I cannot get rid of…

  • MikeJenkinson

    I have iOS7 on my 4, and it doesn’t seem any slower to me running 7 than it did 6. Some things have actually improved – I don’t get a 7 letter delay any longer between typing on the screen and those letters actually showing up in a text message or email.

  • Supacon

    Weird. I wonder if it would make a difference if I restored and started fresh. I plan to get a 5s soon anyways, though.

  • thebruce0

    Turn off paralax: Accessibility settings / Reduce motion

  • thebruce0

    I’m running 4S and the animations are smooth. I don’t want them, but they’re smooth. Skip the flare, just go to what I want.
    4S doesn’t feel sluggish though. Not sure why yours would…

  • MikeJenkinson

    Maybe. That’s what I did because my 4 was soooooo slow. And it’s better now. I’m getting the 5S soon, too, but figured I’d give iOS7 a whirl before buying a new phone.

  • Jeremy

    It looks and runs quite well on my iphone 5 but battery life just got worse and I hate that the tap to post for FB & Twitter were removed plus photos are not showing full screen anymore when viewing in portrait mode.

  • Ken

    Thing knows I have a knockoff cord!! Only matter of time before Apple programmes it to not work with knockoffs!! LOL

  • Fraser Wilson

    Having trouble connecting to App Store.

  • reformcanada

    I don’t like the new music controls on the iPhone lock screen. They flipped it from what it was before.
    In iOS 6, if you hit the home button, you got the album artwork and the large font clock. Now you need to click twice for the time. They need to switch it back!

  • Flaxx

    I like many of the new features, but the animations take too long (and block input while they occur), which is very frustrating. And I’ve experienced several glitches and rendering issues. It’s definitely not as refined as iOS 6 was, but that’s probably as expected with a totally redone interface.

    I also wish that a swipe up brought up multi-tasking (and double clicking home instead brought up control center). I use multi-tasking far more frequently than control-center. Also what happened to weather? Stocks in “Today” but no weather? Little too infatuated with the markets Apple…

  • Next notification: your bank account balance is running low, please top up as we have new iPads coming in a month.

  • Ken

    Let me pay off the 5S first!!

  • Siri: Your line of credit still has enough room for another frivolous purchase, the thinner iPad 5.

  • Baddowman

    Just noticed that the clock app actually moves. Haven’t had that since the old jailbreak. The rest of it seems to be working great on my 5

  • FerrariF1

    ive been using it since it came out as Beta. The UI grows on you and then you love it.

  • Rick

    They screwed the iphone calendar. You have list mode by default, you have to search first.

    They also took out the memory function from the basic calculator. Now if you want memory you have to rotate the phone to the scientific mode.

  • czarembo

    What is so difficult about setting up the ability of calendar events to block incoming calls? I’d love this for my college classes. Again, what is so difficult about this?

  • George Robson

    Some nice changes, could use a darker text font. When we get up in years it becomes harder to see this light coloured font.

  • wooobwooob

    I like it but one thing I missed is the weather widget, tweet and facebook post status in the notification centre. Really not sure why they had to removed those as it was pretty useful!