How to Add a Debit/Credit Card to iPhone and Use Apple Pay with Touch ID [VIDEOS]


Apple has shared a couple new videos to its YouTube channel, showing how to add a debit or credit card to iPhone, to then demonstrating how to use Touch ID with Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay — How to add a card on iPhone

Apple Pay — How to pay with Touch ID on iPhone

On iPhone X, the Home button was replace with Face ID, so to launch Apple Pay instead, users just need to double-tap the sleep/wake button on the right side.


  • Andre

    But on the iPhone X, how will we authenticate for the purchase? Would we need to point the phone at our face after tapping on the terminal?

  • Authenticate face, then tap to terminal.

  • Andre

    Wow. IMO not as smooth as passing the phone over the terminal as I touch the button. I really couldn’t see myself paying for things that way. Nothing like drawing attention to yourself while you take off your hat and sunglasses to point the phone at yourself…then it fails and you have to do it again.

    I don’t think they thought this one through. Some people (like me) would not be comfortable with this.

  • I’d like to get hands-on to test Face ID and Apple Pay first, but the current implementation works quite well.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    If I can buy a hot chocolate at the skating rink with my scarf and hat on and snow clinging to my eyebrows and my face grimacing from the cold, I’ll be impressed. I like the idea of not having to take my gloves off.