How to Use Bell Fibe TV on Apple TV [VIDEO]


If you’re a new Apple TV 4 user and also a Bell Fibe TV subscriber, the latter has released a quick video tutorial on how to use the app.

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The two minute and 39 second clip shared this morning on YouTube, details the requirements for Fibe TV (Fibe TV subscription + unlimited Internet usage plan + Fibe TV app), plus an overview of the Fibe TV app on the fourth generation Apple TV.

Check it out below:

The video also details how to use Siri to quickly find what you want to watch. Bell concludes, “accessing your Fibe TV service on Apple TV—just one more reason why Fibe TV is the best TV service.”

The Bell Fibe TV app first launched last November and currently offers over 500 channels, both live and on-demand. The company also implemented some restrictions on the app, limiting Fibe TV to home Wi-Fi networks, which will limit TV service to home locations and not cottages or other locations.

Are you a Bell Fibe TV subscriber? How often do you watch the service on Apple TV?


  • Albemarle

    Fibe TV app works on iPad with Bell satellite subscription, but not on AppleTV. Also won’t allow AirPlay from iPad to AppleTV. Why?

  • Glassbase

    Been using this on my ATV on our main living room TV since it launched in November. Saves me $7 receiver rental per month. Wish the official Android TV app would come out already

  • Glassbase

    Because you can be elsewhere on your phone / iPad and be VPN’d back into your home network and therefore be allowed to use it outside your home and AirPlay to an Apple TV. Like at your cottage or vacation house or allow others to use your login and VPN.
    (Sure that’s maybe not easy to setup for some people, but it could be done).

  • Mitch Richardson

    Why doesn’t Rogers have there own apple tv app yet….

  • Brenda

    Limiting FIBE to the home network isn’t going to help them compete with Netflix. I’m getting ready to head out of town in August. It just might rain or everyone might be too tired to read, so I’m preparing some downloads from Netflix, YouTube and some other streaming services. Won’t even catch a flight that’s longer than three hours without something to watch on the laptop or iPad. Not sure how I’m going to fare without wifi though.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I have Bell Fibe Alt TV and you can use it outside of the home network on your iPhone and iPad except for some live channels.