How to Enable AirPlay from iPhone to Mac: AirPlayer


Erica Sadun is one of the most prominent iPhone hackers, and this time she has worked her iPhone magic again. According to her post on TUAW, she has created a hack called AirPlayer, which will stream AirPlay from any iOS device to your Mac. She reverse engineered AirPlay to create this. Yes, you read that correctly.

AirPlayer creates a custom Bonjour AirPlay service that will appear as an Apple TV. This will enable your iPhone to recognize the “Apple TV” created by AirPlayer to stream video to your Mac. Brilliant.

What AirPlayer does is create and advertise a custom Bonjour AirPlay service that pretends to be an Apple TV. Bonjour is Apple’s zero configuration networking solution for allowing devices and applications to communicate with each other over local area networks. When Apple created AirPlay, it basically set up a new way for Apple TV to interact with iOS using Bonjour communications.

AirPlayer can be downloaded here. It’s an ‘extremely alpha version’ so use at your own risk. It will work on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Check out the video demo of AirPlayer below:

Amazing work, Erica!



  • Amazing! but for PC user(Like me), I used Air Video(free version) for iPad to stream ANY video from my PC, amazing worker! I like this streamer!

    FREE DOWNLOAD AND GUIDE: ( help me to stream blu-ray/dvd )

  • Anonymous

    its not working! says : You can’t open the application AirPlayer because it may be damaged or incomplete

    ???! helpp

  • Hmmm…streaming only from iOS devices? I’ve been looking for an app that will turn my MBP into an airplay speaker so I can stream music to it along with my Apple TV and speakers connected to my Airport Express. Doesn’t look like this fits the bill, but damn close!

  • iGuy

    Okay so this is what I want to do. Dock my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1, until 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak is available) into my speakers. Then I want to stream music from my MBP to my iPhone, so that the music will play through the speakers. Is there any way to do this yet?

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  • Ruben

    Erica, Is it possible that you can add the music streaming feature that be cool:)

  • Artsylady4

    I downloaded the airplayer  on my Mac all I got was a thank you…. Ad pop-up but no other options??????  HELP! :0)

  • Ilikecorn500

    Home sharing in iTunes.

  • TJ

    So it all worked except for the whole video playing on my Mac… It all installed and my iPhone saw it all right away, but when I try to play the video I get an error message. [Adult Swim] app, videos on my phone, youtube… all the same. You’re on your way! This is a REALLY cool app. I hope the next version will work for me! KEEP IT UP!!

  • does it work for OSX Lion?