How to Get a Rogers, Telus or Bell Nano SIM for iPhone 5 Pre-Orders [Update]


Did you pre-order an iPhone 5 from Apple? If you’re in a major city, according to this map from Apple your delivery should arrive on Friday, September 21st, launch day.

For existing users on Rogers, Telus and Bell, you will need a nano SIM if you pre-ordered unlocked from Apple. There are two ways to acquire yours:

1. Get one for free from an Apple Store (they offer all carrier SIM cards free of charge; show your receipt if you run into any problems).

2. Visit a Rogers, Telus or Bell store or dealer (ie Future Shop, Best Buy, Wireless Wave, etc) and pay $9.99 for a nano SIM.

As for activation on Rogers, Telus or Bell, you can call into customer service and get them to make the switch. We’ve been told online activations should be ready for the launch by Rogers for existing customers. I would probably call in to activate nano SIMs until we can get confirmation you can do it online on launch day.

Some dealers I called on the phone actually have nano SIM cards in stock as of right now, and they are available for purchase. If I were you, I’d get mine ahead of time and start waiting by the door for Friday to arrive.

Let us know if you are successful in acquiring a nano SIM in advance of your pre-order from Apple.

Update: Bell emailed us to say activations can only be done in-store or by calling in to Customer Care.

Update 2: Note that third party Rogers dealerships are NOT authorized to sell nano SIM cards outright–they’ll charge you a $35 activation fee. You will need to find a Rogers Plus store in your area or a Best Buy or Future Shop.

Update 3: Here’s a picture of a Bell nano SIM acquired at Wireless Wave today (thanks @_kegan_!):

Update 4: Apple commented nano SIM cards will be available at Apple Stores tomorrow and carrier stores; however they would not comment on whether unlocked iPhone 5 pre-orders would be getting one for free in-store.

Update 5: Here’s what a Telus nano SIM looks like (thanks Imran!):

Also, the Future Shop and Best Buy locations we called on the phone noted they would not be selling nano SIM cards separately. Best to try your luck at finding a nano SIM for your unlocked iPhone. We do know Wireless Wave has been selling them.

Update 6: Here is what a Fido nano SIM looks like (thanks @MatLeGeek):



  • NoOneCares

    Phones ordered from the carriers (eg. Rogers Reservations) should come with a free nano sim, no?

  • Dan

    Which dealers have nano sims already that you know of… looking for a Fido nano sim.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    “1. Get one for free from an Apple Store (they offer all carrier SIM cards free of charge).”

    not this year, they are only providing sims to carrier locked activations (went and asked the st-catherine street store in montreal)

    im also hounding rogers to release them early so those who will be receiving unlocked on friday wont have to go add to the chaos that will be friday

  • crosseyed_mofo


  • steve

    $10 for a sim when I’m already a customer? WTF?

  • ShevCharko

    My local Rogers store confirmed they have them on hand and then refused to sell me one. They’re worried they’ll have 1 for every iPhone 5 they sell and no extras!!

  • Kim O’Neill

    I called two bell stores, they wont sell the Nano Sim card untill Friday..not very happy

  • Good to know. Can anyone else confirm this on the west-coast?

  • I just talked to the Eaton Centre Apple Store. They said they are providing nano SIMs free of charge, as long as you purchased the phone from them. Looks to be like some conflicting info out there from these stores.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    hyesterical, just had a live chat with a rogers tech on their website

  • crosseyed_mofo

    ill call the st-cath one to see what they say gary

  • Peter

    just called 3 TELUS stores in Montreal…
    2 of them said they’re not allowed selling before Friday, the other one said they start selling them Thursday…

  • Two years ago when I bought my iphone 4 from apple, I had a hard time getting my sim card from Bell and I had to get one from BestBuy so I hope this time will be easier!!

  • Shawn

    How can that be confirmed?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    on the phone they now told me that they will, BUT, because they are only selling contract phones on that day, the chances of available sims will be unclear

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i dont think a phone bought from a provider would be of much use if the provider didnt include a sim card

  • Shawn

    I meant whether we have to pay an extra 10$ for those who reserved with rogers

  • With TELUS, simply get the Nano SIM from a TELUS store or apple store and then visit your online account and swap it yourself free of charge, than pop it into your brand new i5 and you are ready to go ! no need to call, and it’s free to swap online , takes 3 mins

  • I’m in Ottawa, I had a very hard time finding a Rogers wireless store that would let me buy one, they ALL said they wanted to keep them for NEW iphone 5 customers to rogers, wtf! And that they would sell them separately ONLY if they had let overs after the big launch on friday. BUT after 20 phone calls all over town, i was able to find a Rogers Store with very nice clerks that just gave me a nano sim card away on saturday!

  • Shawn

    Confirmed by me

  • crosseyed_mofo

    oh, sorry my bad

    if its from a carrier, youll get a free sim, thats not a problem

    this article is about those who did the preorder and where they can get sims (unlocked)

  • crosseyed_mofo

    right on, although i preferred the snarkyness of philippe 😛

  • jesz

    i talked to online chatting ppl at apple canada, they said nano sim comes with the phone, free of charge… lie or not?
    Conversation between me and the person on online chat at apple canada…
    okay if the nano sim comes with the phone, i don’t need to pay extra 10 bulks, i assume?
    Not as long as you purchased through your carrier, no worries.

  • AndrewKharrazi

    Bought an LTE NANO SIM from a Rogers store on Yonge St. For $10 plus tax yesterday!
    Recieving my 64GB on Friday and I won’t have time to go through the chaos .

    There’s a picture of the card on my twitter

  • crosseyed_mofo


    but this article is for those who didnt

  • crosseyed_mofo

    “Only confirmed followers have access to @AndrewKharrazi’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.”

    thats a bit of a sneaky way to get followers 🙂

  • jesz

    i got the same answer from apple canada.

  • Was told the Apple Stores in Edmonton will not have/release the nano sims until launch day. Similar info from Rogers stores/kiosks. Anyone finding anything different in the Edmonton area? Would love to have it BEFORE Friday’s onslaught!

  • Guest

    Rogers said the nano sim should come with it with free of charge…just live chat with them.

  • So do apple retail stores have them now or no ?

  • Mike in Vancouver

    Can you tell me, how to swap it myself from the Telus

  • Josh

    Which store? Yonge is a long street!!

  • I’m in Ottawa as well. Can I ask you which Rogers Store you went to? Thanks!

  • 11 Selkirk Street, Ottawa

  • I called apple at mapleview mall they said they won’t have them till Friday ..

  • Anon

    I bought one on Friday at the Rogers store on eagleson, right beside the beer store. The dude in there didn’t know he had them in the drawer.

  • Ca264

    Which dealers in the Vancouver area have them in stock and are willing to sell them?

  • mike

    Wow! This is great news. I live in Orleans so it will be a bit of a drive, but beats not using my phone on Friday when the servers that Rogers uses for SIM activation inevitably crash. It is a much smarter idea to get a NanoSIM activated in advance!

  • Cracker

    Best Buy futures shop and 3 bell stores in Kitchener have them but wont sell until friday. bell mobility in cambridge have them and Joseph is just giving them away.

  • Ryan

    I was told by a Bell rep in-store (in downtown Toronto) and a CSR that if you pre-ordered from Apple, you can only get your sim card on Friday in a store…they will not sell you one early. Told company wide email was sent out this morning about it….anyone else on Bell who pre-ordered unlocked have any luck getting one?

  • Urban Rogue

    I dont know why they cant just sell the NANO sims. why is a SIM card release directly involed with a phone release? How DUMB are these Rogers/Telus and bell execs that run this crap? really lets have Mass hysteria from already pissed off ppl that wont be able to get a phone and lets add in ppl that just want to pick up a sim card to use the Iphone 5 they recieve friday.. Hmmmmmm DUMB move.

  • ottoes

    I was just told by the Pacific Centre Mac store that all phones pre-ordered online from Apple need to get their SIM from your service provider. They said all SIM cards they will have in store are matched to the number of phones they have so they will not have extra ones to give out to those who ordered their phone online.

  • Ex


  • Chris

    Yeah- Rogers Live chat just told me they’re not available until Friday. If anyone in Vancouver has managed to get one please post where!

  • Imran

    Hey Peter! I’m in Montreal as well and called different Telus store and they all said the 21st, can u please tell me which store is it that will start selling on thursday please?

  • Kegoneill

    is there only one Bell store in Cambridge? if not which one

  • Dan

    Actually, that’s what they told me too over the phone.

  • ottoes

    I called my Rogers store and they said the same thing; that they only had enough Nano SIMs for the phones they are selling. He said to call Rogers CS and ask them to mail me one.
    How did you find out the SIMs would be available at the Apple store?

  • Peter

    the one in Place Cote-Vertu! they did tell me to call Thursday to make sure though since they won’t get it in stock until then

  • ottoes

    Called Rogers CS and they said they had no idea what was going to happen. She couldn’t even find Nano SIMs in their catalog. I called the Oakridge Apple store and they told me I could just go in on the day and get one but then when I told him what the Pac Centre store said he told “To be honest, this is all new so we don’t know what is going to happen. I can’t promise you anything. Give us a call on the 21st.”

  • ottoes

    Maybe when they say “..
    as long as you purchased the phone from them.” they mean you go in and get an activation through them and not that you buy an unlocked one online from them.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i just called rogers again and they said they cant mail them out

    to go pick one up in store

    friday is gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuun

  • Laurent

    If anyone finds a Rogers store that will sell them in Montreal please let me know!

  • Ex

    Go to Apple and get it. It’ll be fine.

  • Ex

    Apple will have them for you.

  • gcgc

    There are micro-to-nano kits on ebay, I’m not sure of their efficiency but given the positive(ish) feedback I’m reading online, if I can’t get my hands on a nanosim when my unlocked device arrives Friday, I’m going to give it a try.
    Who’s with me! 🙂 (it’ll also let me see if I can’t cut my T-Mobile sim down, I have a great pay-as-you-go rate with them for when I visit the US that I do not want to lose)

  • Toylover

    One Bell store where I live told me the SIM card will be free and ditto for the activation. Over at The Source, owned by Bell, they wanted $5 for the card.

  • sound_man

    Just talked to a TELUS rep on twitter, and anyone who pre-ordered on TELUS website will receive a Nano sim with the phone. Also, you can transfer from your old phone to iPhone 5 using their website. No need to call.

  • gerry

    If I can get a nano sim for free at the Apple store, I may as well drive 35 min to the nearest one. As for Rogers charging an extra $35 activation fee, go to hell.

  • ddsmak

    Good news for ppl use Virgin. At Oakridge Centre, Vancouver, you can get the nano sim card from two different stores. Wirelesswave will sell for 5.00, while the Virgin kiosk is free. Unfortunately I’ve gone to Wirelesswave first and paid for it, then found out Virgin kiosk was free. Maybe it’s because I bought my kid’s phone/plan from her a couple of months ago or maybe it my charm. lol.

  • Madhatter

    just live chatted with Rogers – was told nano sim cards will come out on Friday when the phones are released AND they (Rogers) are definitely charging $9.99 for each sim card. I told him ‘no way’ will I ever pay for a sim card when Apple will provide to me for free. Absolutely ridiculous that you pay almost a $1,000 for an unlocked phone and then they’re gonna charge for a sim card??? Really???

  • AP

    Got my nano sim at wireless wave.. She had a ton of them and are selling for $10.. Give them a try.. Hopefully I can activate it on Rogers’ website on Friday.

  • Madhatter

    Which wireless wave & thank you

  • Gary Enns

    Not in Vancouver, just checked their stores they do not have the nano sim card for Rogers yet. They hope to have them by Thursday.

  • Kirk

    Gerry, the article said a third party Rogers dealer meaning if it isn’t a Rogers store but they sell Rogers products like wireless wave or something.. The reg Rogers store is just 10 dollars which is still dumb anyway lol. Apple store FTW!

  • CptKirk

    I live a little about 45 minutes from my nearest Fido dealer or reseller and a good hour and a half from the Montreal Apple store. I tried the closest ones including a Future Shop and the basically told me they weren’t sure if they were going to have any extra to sell.

    I am hoping that either they just aren’t sure or they are just trying to avoid massive crowds. It really would suck to actually get the phone on Friday but not be able to use it.

    I really wish that apple could belike the US store and just get it from them on contract or not. But I imagine that has more to do with the carriers blocking them?

  • DaveMcG

    Spoke to Southgate Apple store tonight. I was told I could come in on Friday and pick up a Nano sim for my online purchased unlocked phone. Was told I would not have to wait in line, just let them know I only need a SIM.

    Going to bring receipt just in case.

  • just checked out rogers website 2nd last option… according to this sim cards are free

  • Well, not free but Virgin Kiosks have Nano Sims in stock. I picked one up today for $5.. price gouging since everyone needs one.. better grab them before they are hard to get.

  • Virgin in Waterloo charged $5.

  • xxxJDxxx

    You have to wonder if maybe this is another reason for not selling unlocked phones on Friday in their stores. Maybe there is a shortage of sim cards?? LOL

  • Davemcg

    With a new contract yes.

  • Thank you so much! I went to that location right after seeing your message and I was able to buy one. Now waiting for the phone! 😉

  • Kevin

    i called in Apple and Rogers in Toronto and hey said they are noting giving out or selling any Nano sim cards until friday. anyone know places where they are?

  • Rick

    I got my Rogers nano sim yesterday from wireless wave I went to the rogers store they said it wouldn’t be available till Friday and then i went to best buy mobile she said they are in stock but not in the system until Friday I paid 10.00 but I don’t care its less hassle and if my phone comes from Apple on Friday I will avoid the line ups

  • al

    Just called St Catherine store in Montreal. nano sims will be available for online order customers on Friday.

  • Picked up 2 nano-SIMs for Fido from Tbooth in the Eaton Centre just now – $10 each.

    The Fido Store said they didn’t have any and had no information about them.

    The Fido booth (lower level near the Sony Store) didn’t have any.

    Gadgets ‘n Things in Scotia Plaza was willing to sell them to me, but said he wouldn’t have them until they were delivered “from the warehouse tomorrow”.

  • I just called the Wireless Wave in the Toronto Eaton Centre. They are now selling nano SIM’s for $10, plus tax. Enjoy, folks.

  • some_dude

    Picked up a Rogers nano lte sim today at Wireless Wave in Mic Mac Mall, no issues.
    $11.49 taxes in.

  • Gin649

    If anyone has picked up a Nano Sim that will work with Rogers in Toronto? If from a wireless Wave or a Rogers store, Please post location where you got it. Thanks.

  • Vincent

    Rogers Store @ Leslie and Lakeshore in the Canadian Tire Plaza

  • Wireless Wave at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

  • On live chat with Bell, they told me that I could get my card only when I receive my new phone and not before that!!!!

  • Joshua Kern

    Snagged one at Wireless Wave, Sherway Gardens, at lunch. Dude sold it to me without hesitation. $10. Came in a little plastic bag with a terms of service booklet. Invigorating reading, to be sure.
    Rogers Plus, on the other hand, told me they weren’t selling them at all.

  • I can’t believe this, the guy thought that the iphone 5 had the same sim as the iphone 4!!!!

  • Steve_J_K

    Anyone have luck in Calgary?

  • Bell Store in Richmond Center for 5$. They weren’t sure about it but sold it to me anyway.

  • Bell at Richmond Center

  • Yes, At Bell in Richmond Center

  • Madhatter

    OK. I give up! Anyone in Vancouver getting a Roger’s nano sim card?? Wireless Wave said they had them, went there on Granville and then said – oops, don’t have them yet!
    According to Rogers, Wireless Wave or any authorized Rogers dealer, they don’t have and won’t get until Friday!?!? Vancouverites with Rogers – step up and let me know. This is ridiculous!!

  • xxxJDxxx

    I was told by a wireless wave store they are not authorized to sell the nano sims period. I was told by a Rogers dealer that they can’t sell them until friday but that they aren’t sure if they will get more nano-sims than they do iPhone 5’s so they wont know how many they will be able to sell until Friday. This is looking like its going to be extremely frustrating!

  • Chris

    Market Mall Calgary:
    Wireless wave has NanoSims but only for new activations they sell
    Rogers Store has small number of sims reserved for new activations on Friday (suggested I come in on Thursday because he was expecting a large order of sims)
    Apple Store has no sims currently but says they will get lots and will start giving to Apple-purchased phones as soon as they are available

  • Yes, looks like Wireless Wave sent out new memos after works leaked they were selling nano SIMs early. A store I talked to backtracked after confirming on the phone they would sell me a nano SIM. I’m going to hit up Future Shop or Best Buy on launch day for my nano SIM.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Unfortunately for me the nearest futureshop is an hour drive away. If my local Rogers store doesn’t get enough and wirelesswave wont sell them it looks like I may be out of luck! I guess it wouldn’t be an iPhone launch if everything went smoothly!

  • That is true. I’m going to be heading out early to secure my nano SIM.

  • Dev

    I’ve had the same issue. And most say they are keeping them for new activations only! I phoned the apple store in Richmond Centre yesterday who told me she wasn’t sure, but it should be like last year to just come in a pick one up. I thought best to confirm this, so I phoned today and the guy said they are only providing nano sims to in store purchases as they have “limited numbers”….

  • neo

    Just called the apple store @ fairview mall toronto before they closed he said you have to get the sim card from your carrier…they’ll only be giving sim cards with activated in store bought iphone 5’s..gonna call tomorrow and see if this changes.

  • Why can’t apple pre-order can not sell sims on there site,
    Wait ipad has sims free with it.
    Also thats another way the phone company fucks many people over is charging for the sims. I can understand 5 bucks okay. but ten is pushing it

    I’ve had to buy replacement sims because my stupid friends fucked mine up with the puk code.
    I do like the ideia of sims. but I think there should be a better approach where you can just log in with a ID to the network like how you connect to wifi networks (Like the menu where you pick the wifi name and password). and not require the simchips at all. and you still would have a imei number and you can use multiple phones at once.
    but remain compatible with sim systems some how. I guess the mobile providers could make a sim generator on the phone and have it work in a sim legacy mode, I doubt it would be even hard to do that.

  • i can just go to the Telus store to get the Nano Sim card ?

  • Rogerssux

    Anyone in Vancouver able to get a nano sim? Apple store rep said it’s shipped with the iPhone which is not the correct info. Rogers stores have no idea when they will get shipment and been told numerous times you would be lucky to get it on launch date.

  • Rick

    I wonder if the nano sim will fit in the iphone 4 has any one tried this yet because if it does I would do a sim swap now then it would be set for when the phone arrives

  • Rick

    hmmm google is my Friend lol I guess Ill just wait Luckily, third party manufacturers
    are bringing nano-SIM (4FF) card adapters to the market. These
    adapters increase the size of your nano-SIM card to micro-SIM (3FF),
    then you can slide them into the SIM card tray of your older iPhone.
    The nano-SIM measures just 12.3mm x 8.8mm x 0.67mm, however it’s fully
    backward compatible with older SIM standards.

  • Nicolas Lin

    I called, but they said they wont be selling them until launch day…….

  • Nicolas Lin

    Hmm, just called Tbooth, they said “tomorrow”. I will call again tomorrow.

  • I called, they told me to wait until the launch day.

  • Really. Hmm I just called Tbooth in the Eaton Center, they told me tomorrow. I will call again tomorrow.

  • I have a feeling that I will end up with having an iPhone 5 but can’t get a nano-sim on Friday.

  • Rogerssux

    You are correct sir, $700 paper weight

  • kill_them_all

    just picked up a nano sim from tbooth at the Eaton Centre no problem at all.

  • Tom

    For anyone in Vancouver- T booth Wireless is selling BELL nano sims for $5 at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby. Just picked mine up.

  • That is odd, maybe I have to go there in person instead of calling them.

  • Glen8

    Would love to know how you were able to get a Bell nanoSIM already, Gary. I asked at Bell, Best Buy and Wireless Wave here in Victoria, and they all refused to sell me one until Friday. So basically I’m going to have to go and line up at the Bell Mobility store on Friday after I receive my unlocked iPhone 5, in order to get the nanoSIM. And here was I thinking to avoid line-ups by pre-ordering from the Apple Store online! And I agree with others, why are we to be charged 10 bucks for the nanoSIM?

  • ASUN

    Exactly what I have in mind.

  • ASUN

    We are all facing the same problem. I have been to several Rogers store. none willing to sell me one prior to Friday. I’m in Vancouver. really upset atm.

  • Pat

    I’ve just checked with both Apple stores in Ottawa, they will have free nano SIM card for walk-in customers but only with phone in hand. So those who ordered a unlock phone from Apple, we will have to wait until the phone arrive before getting a nano SIM from Apple.

    There’s also to option to buy from the carrier. I’ve checked with Rogers near my place and they don’t expect to have that many extra SIM, so priority will go to new phone purchased in store.

  • Yes, I have tried locations in Victoria about nano SIMs. They all said they won’t sell until Friday and they are not ‘not in stock’, even though I am pretty sure they ARE in stock. #anger

  • Glen8

    Oh they’re in stock. The guy at Bell Mobility in Mayfair told me they’d received them late Monday afternoon, but he would not sell me one till Friday.

  • ottoes

    You can now order Nano SIMs online from Rogers. Wont arrive by Friday though.

  • Glassbase

    With 3-7 day delivery? No in-store pickup? Will take my chances of going to a store.

  • Chris

    I just went on a mission to find a Fido or Telus nano-sim downtown Vancouver and it was a painful exercise. It seems most outlets are holding on to them for phone activations, or at least until Friday, or don’t have a clue. It’s almost like the nano-sim is more precious than the bloody iPhone. I checked all outlets at Pacific Center and all the outlets on the east end of Robson. However, I finally got lucky at Wireless Wave on Robson near London Drugs. Good luck to everyone trying to get their hands on a sim card. It really shouldn’t have to be like this.

  • Chris

    Oh, I should have mentioned the one I got was Fido (Wireless Wave doesn’t sell Telus). The other thing I’ve noticed, is that the nano-sim is essentially now just the size of the gold pad on the old micro-sim. So cutting one down wouldn’t be difficult. Although it is a hair thinner, I’d be surprised if the tolerances were that tight… but even if they are, I think a quick once over on the back with a nail file would shave enough material off to make it fit. So worst case, you can probably cut your SIM card down and file it a bit. But be sure to note your old SIM number before you butcher it, as with Fido, you need both your old SIM number and new SIM number to do the swap online.

  • xxxJDxxx

    This nano sim situation is ridiculous! Who should we call at Rogers to voice our outrage? The amount of misinformation alone is frustrating, never mind having to deal with the crowds on friday for something they should be able to sell me today. I mean really, what do they think we are going to do with a nano sim and no phone? This leads me to think they must have some very real concerns about the supply of these nano-sims. Holding them for new activations makes sense from their salesmens perspective but its sure a poor way to treat your current customers.

  • ASUN

    I ranted for a bit with a Rogers rep online yesterday. Voiced similar concerns as you. The rep basically said he is not sure how many nano sim cards the stores will receive and how many extra ones for people who bought unlocked phones. This shouldn’t be a frustrating situation. I am prepared to have a $700 paperweight this weekend.

  • Rogerssux

    Once you are locked up to a contract, Rogers don’t give a shit about you anymore. They only take care of new contracts

  • Scott

    a friend told me he picked up a Rogers AND Fido nano sim from Wireless Wave on Robson about 30 min ago [Vancouver], I just went there and picked up a Rogers one myself now and they said they wouldn’t be selling anymore cause they are almost out. Maybe worth a try anyways though.

  • Lucas

    I got one from a Cellphone store in oak ridge. Rogers Nano-sim. I won’t tell you which one in case they get in trouble for doing so. It’s not Rogers’ store and it isn’t Apple. P.S. today is a very good day to go to oakridge, you’ll see when you get there.

  • Madhatter

    Finally! Got a Rogers sim card this afternoon! Got it from Wireless Wave on Granville. They had just received them in & now hearing other stores are getting them. Now I have the sim & a phone that’s still ‘preparing for shipment’. Hope I can put the sim in the phone on Friday. We’ll see what Apple & UPS do.

  • Rick

    ya wireless wave seems to be the half decent store that is selling them like wtf why don’t the other providers hand them out in advance then they will have more time and less pissy customers that they can upgrade I was able to get my Rogers nano sim on Monday at wireless wave

  • Rick

    im just waiting for my unlocked iPhone I hope they send out a tracking number first thing tomorrow

  • xxxJDxxx

    Tried a london drugs near me and got the same story. Called the nearest Futureshop and they say they cant sell them until Friday. Why they have this policy I dont know.

  • Gary Enns

    Just picked up two Rogers nano sim cards at Wireless Wave:
    2698 Granville StVancouver, BC (604) 677-4054

  • ASUN

    Mine is also Preparing for shipment.

  • ASUN

    how much for the sim?

  • Obi-wan Jebroni

    Check it again. My status finally changed to “Shipped”. Others are starting to see the same now. Oddly it also says it was shipped on Sept.16th so looks like we’ll be getting them on Friday!

  • Yes

  • You would go to change equipement and enter the imei number of the new sim card

  • monkier

    For anyone in Toronto, I just got a Rogers sim from Wireless Wave in Sherway.

  • OracleGuy

    My unlocked iPhone 5 is in Ontario, so looks good for arriving tomorrow (Friday the 21st).

    What’s my best bet for getting a Rogers nano-SIM in Vancouver? I was thinking of perhaps driving to Metrotown, since I’d be able to go to either the Apple Store or the Rogers corporate store. Latest update looks like Apple Store might not be offering free SIMs for unlocked pre-orders? In that case I might try my local Rogers store to save the drive from North Van.

    Any fresh intelligence on the nano-SIM situation?

  • I was told by the Newmarket Apple Store they will have extra nano SIM card, but you have wait in line just like everyone else, even if have a iPhone 5 in hand.

  • The Barrie Rogers Store feed me a line that they have only enough nano sim for the iPhone 5 they are selling no extras.

  • Rogerssux

    I just got one from Wireless Wave in Lougheed. I called the one in Metrotown and they don’t have it yet and Brentwood will only sell it with new activations. Apple and Rogers will not sell it till tomorrow’s launch day. Only a few Wireless Waves selling it now for $10+ tax. So far locations confirmed to have sold is Wireless Wave in Lougheed Centre and downtown Vancouver.

  • Dev

    Thanks for the tip! I just got my Rogers one 30 min ago from Oakridge.

  • Picked up two Telus nano sims Thursday at Apple Waterloo after speaking to manager. They didn’t want to release them early but my reasoning for avoiding long lines today hit a chord with the manager. Switching over today online as soon as my two iPhone 5s arrive. Out for delivery already!

  • David Schultz

    If you’re near the west end of Toronto, Wireless wave in the Milton Mall,ON has em as of about 9am this morning.

  • Steve_J_K

    Don’t bother with the Fido store at Deerfoot mall in Calgary, they won’t sell them outright until sometime next week.

  • Kegoneill

    had no problem getting a sim card at Bell store in Fergus, Ontaito

  • ottoes

    Walked into Apple Pacific Center at 8:50 AM, asked the guy at the door for a SIM, he hands me one, I leave. Awesome.

  • ottoes

    I will never doubt you again.

  • OracleGuy

    UPS truck just rolled up — went to the neighbour’s house as I’m standing in my driveway in disbelief — but he had the wrong side of the street! So I’ve got the my hands on the little black beauty. Now just need the nano SIM!

    So Apple stores giving out free ones for sure?

    Might just eat the $10 and hit up my nearest Rogers dealer.

  • ASUN

    Thanks. I will try Richmond Centre after work.

  • pd0x

    Just grabbed one at Oakridge Centre Apple Store as well. The guy just brought one from the back and gave it to me. No line up or anything.

  • Steve_J_K

    After refusing to sell me a nano sim this morning, the Deerfoot Mall Fido store will sell you one. They have about 50 in stock.

  • Chris

    4pm MT: Trying to switch my sim but MyRogers is down and according to the Canmore Roger’s Store their system is also down. Got a sim from them for 10$ (better than driving to Calgary to hit an Apple Store).

  • OracleGuy

    I went to the Apple store at Metrotown in Burnaby, and I just had to show one of the guys at the genius bar my emailed receipt from Apple, and he gave me the nano-SIM for no charge. Nice!

  • A.L.

    I just got my Rogers nano sim from the Apple store. Just bring the e-mail to prove you purchased through online pre-order.