How to Get Black Front for (Product)RED iPhone for Only $17


Just a few days ago, Apple officially launched their (Product)RED iPhone and it looks awesome. Some folks have been voicing criticism saying that the red back would look a lot nicer with a black front.

The Verge has discovered that you can get the black front with a simple $17 (CAD) front panel protector. The transition to a black front is not perfect, as the home button is still white and you can see a slight white border around the sides, but it definitely helps a lot.

If you want a black front for your (Product)RED iPhone and you don’t mind the white home button, this option would be the best for you. You can easily find a black screen protector for your iPhone 7 on Amazon. For example, you can check out this Spigen tempered glass black screen protector for $17 on Amazon.

Users can also buy the black front for the iPhone and complete the full front panel replacement, but this method requires a lot more skill, patience, and money.


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  • It’s Me

    Should have gone all red, front and back.

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  • Anon

    Don’t know what is up with Apple’s designers. Red and white is an obviously horrible color combination. Black front is naturally 100% better.

  • poopchute

    Red and White is more patriotic.
    You Canadians should be trying to figure out how to replace the apple on the back with a maple leaf.

  • Tim

    Being a charity thing and all, Apple’s margins are lower on this than other products, so they probably didn’t go with black because they didn’t want to make it nice enough that they’d cannibalize sales of pragmatic buyers. If the phone was actually nice, they might accidentally put a bunch of customers into a cycle where Apple won’t see real profits for another two years when they upgrade. In appealing to a user segment that will buy any and every dumb iteration of the iphone, even if it has ugliest whitest bezels on red, they can save the reasonable buyers for products where they’re making full margins and then hope to also get buyers of product red again since this group of buyer would have no reason to live in the absence of the newest iphone.