How to Keep Your iPhone From Making Noise When you Plug it in


Have you ever wanted to charge your iPhone without having it make a noise when you plug it in? If you have a roommate, wife, or kids, you will know how valuable it can be to charge your phone at night without beeping or buzzing noises.

The solution is quick and simple. Swipe left on the lock screen to access the camera and then plug in the Lightning cable. No chimes or buzzing. You can then press the home button to return back to the lock screen.

This method also works if the phone is unlocked. Just open the Camera app, attach the Lightning cable, and then close the Camera app.

[via BusinessInsider]


  • Mark S

    Thanks. Such a simple but useful tip.

  • sarge

    Or just use the vibrate/silent switch

  • FragilityG4

    The vibration sound can wake light sleepers… like my wife ????

  • Joe

    This was a really useful tip. Thank you!

  • getpappy

    Nope. I want to plug it in with no sound and no vibration. Putting iphone on silent doesn’t prevent vibration when plugging in. But this camera app tip works great. Brilliant!