Watch How Smoothly Multitasking Works on the Apple Watch



If you’ve been wondering how multitasking will work on the Apple Watch, we’ve got the answer for you. All you need to do is a double-tap, that will bring you to your most recently used apps. As pointed out by CultofMac (via Reddit), the Apple Watch supports a couple of handy double-tap actions, one of which is for the Digital Crown as well. Turns out double-tapping the Digital Crown switches you between your two most recently opened apps.

Reddit user colinstalter noticed this handy little shortcut:

“Double-tapping the Digital Crown switches you between your two most recently opened apps! It’s awesome. I just messed with it at an Apple Store. It makes it really easy to jump between actions if you are multitasking. It’s also a super quick way back to the watch face if you’ve just been in one app”.

Another double-tap action is for the side button. Simply double-tap the side button in front of an NFC terminal to pay with Apple Pay (as shown in the GIF above).

I personally believe it’s a really handy feature and will be used quite frequently in real life. It also goes on to show that Apple really does thinks of everything.


  • Jamie

    Pretty sure the double tap on the crown brings up apple pay only, then another double tap brings you back to your previous app.

  • Jamie

    Opps, thats the side button. never mind :S

  • Corey Hoffarth

    I noticed this last week when I was playing around with it. It’s pretty cool